Thursday, February 28


After about two weeks of moving stuff around in the room, doing laundry and re-arranging our wardrobe, I now have to rid some of my emails on all my three email addresses!!!

Every year, I try my best to delete unwanted emails or I thought I needed.

I have only started doing it with my Gmail account and is going through my Hotmail now. To be honest, I always try to do my Yahoo last... being my oldest account, I receive a lot of emails and I mean a lot. Even Yahoo cannot give me the correct figure, if I look at my Inbox, it just says 999+!

It is hard to clean up emails most especially if you subscribe to a lot of newsletters, deals and more! :(

Oh well, I need to clean up like what I have done for our room or else, it will just pile up!

Okay, I was just having a break from my cleaning and will now go back to it :( :(

- Messy Me

Saturday, February 23


here I am again... behind with my blogging but this is not entirely my fault...

A lot of things had happened in the past month. We had to move houses (I will see if I can blog about this) immediately and then we didn't have internet connection for the same month so I don't really do not have much of a choice.

Another thing is work has picked up a bit. We have been buying more lately which means we deal with suppliers a lot and at the same the usual request from our users.

Now, we are connected and somewhat settled in our new home (yay! it's a room!!).... I can blog again (double yay!).

Hopefully, this post will break my hiatus...

So, you will definitely see more of me (wee!!!)