Thursday, March 9

Struggling But Will Keep Fighting (Aja!)

I think it was two months ago when I announced that I am trying something new. I still am but what I noticed is that my writing on the other side of the blog fence is becoming fewer as days go by. 

At the peak of my excitement, I think I was able to write new posts in an interval of two days. After some time, it became a five-day interval and before I know it, it became a seven-day interval (*shocked*). 

I have assessed myself and I am not sure if the reason why I don't feel motivated is because my Google Adsense earnings are well not increasing. I did write, promote and what not to reach netizens about my new venture. 

After a few days of feeling a bit down because of my dismal earnings, I came across this article from Forbes about how Google will notice me. It did give me a lot of insights and tips on what I am doing right but more on what I am doing wrong. 

To be honest, the article is about how to dominate Google's search results -- a goal that I want to achieve really soon. Imagine being one of the go-to sources by readers out there (oooh, I like the sound of that). 

R.L. Adams, the brilliant man behind the article said that I or we need to earn Google's trust. We can only do that if we keep writing quality content and also making sure that we don't abandon the site and then attend to it only when we want to. 

A portion of R.L. Adams' article

I guess it is safe to say that blogging should be treated similar to what you do when you work. You can't leave it to work for itself (well, unless you have the manpower to do it). 

So, I will try and incorporate more of Mr. Adams' tips in order for my Nosy Me, Nosy You to become a success. Wish me luck!