Saturday, December 28

Happy Holidays!!!

I just want to wish you all a

Merry, Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!! :) 

from R & Me :) 

Friday, December 6

Bank Mishaps

Note: Pardon my post, this is just me letting out my irritation on how a prestigious bank like CITIBANK handles the queries of their customers

I didn't really want to write anything about this but my frustration is boiling up that I need to let it out (well, initially, I did that in Facebook)!

I have been a loyal customer for Citibank here in Dubai. When I started out in my first company, they were the first bank who offered to give me a credit card (circa 2003). It was like a gift as I never had a credit card back in the Philippines.

Tempting and it does bite back, over the past few years, I have managed to understand what the credit card is used for.

During those times, I was able to purchase items that are not within my budget, things I want and things that we need. I was also able to understand how the "reward" system works with Citibank and was able to get a few good deals in doing so.

I was able to read in one of the CitiLife Rewards newsletter that I can use my CitiRewards for my annual fee. Since I keep on forgetting to do that, I have made a decision that when this comes up again, I will pursue in using my rewards.

I have enquired and given calls through Citibank's agents. I made about two calls making sure that this is done --------------- wow! only to find out that not only was I MISINFORMED I was also charged with other bank charges.

I made another call only complaining about this (which I am truly sorry for the 3rd agent I spoke with but you can never really avoid having this type of emotions most especially when you have been reassured that this will be dealt with). I guess the 3rd agent can not defend who I spoke with before and can only apologise that I was MISINFORMED.

As I have said, I will understand if outright, someone told me NO, it's not possible but giving you the reassurance this is being dealt with just shows how valuable their customers are --- NOT!

I know we have used the credit card and I know that the annual life is something that I have agreed with the bank and have rightfully paid for the past 9 years but I just want to be clear that this might just be a hundred dirhams only but this is hard earned money I am paying the bank.

The money that I have worked hard for and we do not have a money tree on standby to grow and water. Everything has been hard earned and I was expecting, being a prestigious bank and have consistently been bragging of being one of the best that they do not or they failed to educate their agents properly.

As I have mentioned, I have been a customer since 2003/2004 and this is the service that we get for being loyal customers? I also don't know if maybe because I am not a person in power or authority to demand an explanation.

I thought that we, as customers are always right? In a customer-oriented industry where feedbacks and proper information is important, you have failed miserably CITIBANK.

I do not know where this opinion of mine will go or if it will even reach that agent who has MISINFORMED me but I hope the next time someone calls, do your job well. Be honest if you do not have an answer and I would have appreciate if you have asked me to call back and check again.

Boohoo!!! :(:(:(

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Saturday, November 30

Favoured and Blessed

I went to hear the Victory church service today and was totally moved by one of the inspirational song that the Praise and Worship team sang.

This is the entire lyrics of the song.

Planetshakers - Favoured Lyrics

Artist: Planetshakers
Genre: Christian
You?re my Saviour, You?re my Healer 
You?re everything I need
You?re my comfort, You?re my best friend 
Forever You will reign 

You are high and lifted up
And Your Kingdom will have no end

I am favoured I am blessed
By the cross, and the blood that was shed
I am favoured I am blessed
I can do all things, because of what You?ve done for me

Nothing is impossible for those that believe
Nothing is to difficult for our God
Nothing is impossible for those that believe
I believe, I believe in You


I am moved by this song because I have been asking him my "whys" and telling him a lot of "it's unfair" but never really see what He has given me.

This song brought me back and snapped me back to reality that I am favoured and blessed. God not giving me what I asked for does not mean he has forgotten my other needs.

It is sometimes difficult to accept when we are not given what we wanted that we tend to forget what is being given to us without even asking for it... Ironic isn't it?

So, I thank you God for letting me know that you have not forgotten me and is working at me... preparing me for the promise that He has in store for me.

I know this is not the right time to be selfish but instead be selfless most especially because of the turn of events that has happened in the Philippines - the scam, the civil unrest, the earthquake and the typhoon - all happened I think a few weeks apart.

I hope people who were affected by all of the natural disasters will be able to stand up again and I know they will because they have God on their side :)

(from youtube) 

Saturday, November 23

Risk Taker

Awhile ago, I was watching Tim Turner's video (who is called the Maverick Man) at CNN. The clip below was not what I have watched but I just wanted you to have an idea of who he is.

(from youtube)

He seems to have a vision and he works on getting that goal. 

A risk taker and definitely a go-getter! Imagine, the first time he heard that Jane Fonda signed the divorce papers of her then husband, he immediately gave her a call and asked her for a date! 

While watching this documentary about him, I asked myself if I at least have a bit of his vision. Looking back, I think I only have 1% of his risk taking attitude and that is when I followed my heart to be with the man of my dreams (my husband!). 

Hmmm... or maybe add 4% more on that because I decided to start a business opportunity (can't really tell it right now... or never at all! bwahahaha!). 

Okay, kidding aside, I asked myself when I was watching his documentary if I did have a vision of what my life will be (now, it's our life since we're married). 

... silence... 

I guess I have been following the current of the river called Life, the day to day events as they come our way. In other words, things have been easy. There may be a bit of rocky areas but still there was more smooth sailing days. 

R, I think, sees this which is why he does not burst my good bubble by pushing through with "the plan" but I know it is of our best interest to go for the plunge... which should be soon! 

Am I a risk taker? No but I think I am married to a visionary and like a river, he leads to smooth sailing days... always :) 

Sunday, November 3


Aaarrgghhh!!! When did choosing a phone becomes a pain!?! :(

I am still undecided... whether to get a new phone or not... whether to get a bigger screen or a regular screen...


Sunday, October 27

Random thoughts

Things have been going well these past few days.

My only worry now is the results of my dad's test results from the lab (background: my dad had his annual check-up and they found out that he has Diabetes Type II. The nurse said that I should not worry because this type of Diabetes can still be cured. My dad just needs to move around a bit more and exercise.

He was given some meds for a month and then they will see how it goes. He is scheduled to do another test by the end of October so I am keeping my fingers crossed that things will be a-ok.

Most definitely a daddy's girl

I am beginning to read books again. Not the hard copy but more on my Kindle. Since I have a few minutes in my hands, I read through my Kindle while waiting for the bus or waiting for friends (which by the way is very rare as I always come late in meetings!!!).

It has been a good way for me to catch up with my books! I didn't think I will get the hang of it but I did so here's to more reading till forever!

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

R is still on a crappy shift. We had worst days and sometimes I think this is why he asks for a break. A complete break from all of this. I tend to agree with him on some days but at times, I put my financial guru hat on and I keep asking myself if we will survive should we decide to take the plunge.

Will we?

A question that haunts me more now then ever before. I have already set a date but I think I am (again) leaning to change it... R says he understands but I can sense the sadness in either his voice or see it in his eyes. It breaks my heart but I have to think about the future.

However, when I look at the people who have decided to set their feet on one place... they seem happy and satisfied with what they have... I sometimes wonder if that will work for us too... after being exposed to a place where everything you want is just within your reach (if you have either a credit card or funds)... will we make it -- this is the question that I always have in my head.

Sunday, October 6

Buying what you don't need

I am guilty.

I have bought a few things in the grocery or in the boutiques only to be kept to one side. Sometimes, I remember to use them but other times, like food, either R would eat it because it is close to being expired or he would throw them :(

Most of the time, I always have this idea in my head and will get excited about it... then boom... I will get lazy to do it or R will say that he wants to eat out.

Looking at this article published by MSN about the 10 things people buy but never use. I think most of them, I have stored, thrown or ended.

Canned goods is also the Top 1 for me. I keep buying them and then I ended up shelving them either to the back end being replaced with another set of canned goods! I only remember them when I suddenly have the urge to do the recipe again... which at times, is close to the expiry date of the canned good! :-S

Photo from

Mobile apps is Top 2. The good thing about me is they are all free. This is also the reason why I hesitate when I buy apps. I always ask myself if it will be something that I need or just want. Wants are most of the time, spur of the moment decisions which at times, you regret. I try to wait for a few weeks or months just to be sure I need it. Though if it's on sale, that's another matter! :p

Top 3 is ... books and magazines!!!! I am not sure if book nerds have this issue as well but I usually hoard... both!!! I always have a reading list but usually does not end up following it so to be honest, I am happy that the Kindle and Zinio were released and so are the other reading apps... at least I can hide my overflowing collection from R (though unfortunately, the bills don't lie!).

photo from
For now, as much as I can, I try and see if I really, really need it. I stop myself from buying, if I know I am not going to do anything about it. As for my books, good thing torrents are available and of course, thanks to friends too!!!

Saturday, September 21


I saw this online article about Calidad Humana which was started our by Chilean ambassador to Manila Roberto Mayorga and his wife Paulina.

They have been inspired by our smiles, the Filipino smile and have decided to use this element or characteristic of ours to promote our country and our people.

(video grabbed from youtube, Smiles for the World AVP)

This does mean a lot. 

Weird as it may sound but we, Filipinos, do know how to make the most of what we have. OFWs here in Dubai will always have a sad story to tell about how they got here but still they do not lose hope that there is still something in store for them... for their future and their families. 

No need to dwell on the past 
This is usually what Filipinos would say. Since Dubai is a melting pot of different nationalities, a lot of them are amazed with how the Filipinos cope with almost everything - from their core family up to their extended families and sometimes, make-up families (like friends, friends of friends, etc).

I guess, it is because we always have the "never give up" attitude. Always knowing deep in our hearts that all of the hardships will bring fruit... we just don't know it yet.

So for you, my reader(s), SMILE... :)

To read more about Calidad Humana (click on this link).


Saturday, September 14


is something that can never be associated with me... at all!

When I was a kid, my mom will always encourage me to cook or spend time with her in the kitchen and learn the basics (like cooking a sunny side egg!).

I always decline.

Of course, I do want to spend time with my mom so in turn, I devote my nights with her - chatting about her work, her friends and more.

If she is very insistent that I participate in the kitchen (according to her, being a girl, I or we, including my youngest sister, need to know how to use the kitchen because when we get married, we should be experts in this part of the house), I will help in preparing the dish, like chopping the garlic or onions, peel whatever needs to be peeled, chop whatever needs to be chopped.

Fast forward, living here in Dubai with R made me realise that I should have listened to my mom.

Being a newbie in this country about 10 years ago, we only have enough, i.e. we need to stay home more because we were not earning enough for us to go to dates and eat out - all the time.

It was a bit difficult I have to say. I had to really make an effort on learning the basics. At times, I can see some of my girl friends roll their eyes at me because I can't cook. They had this impression in their minds that I am a rich girl trying to be independent.

I am  not.

I did not come from a wealthy family. We are part of the middle class family who can afford to have help once in a while. When we don't have help, my mom always made sure there is food on the table or  prepared dishes stored in the fridge for us to re-heat (I know, I'm lucky!).

I was determined to learn more about cooking (oh by the way, I can bake! However who wants to eat cake or cookies for dinner right?). Good thing now, Google has been very friendly and I was able to search for recipes online.

My version of my grandmother's Kiampung (without the nuts)

I started on the easy stuff and voila, I was successful! I had my ups and downs to be honest. There were times when I had a lot of failures when it comes to whipping up a dish, I tend to stop (so that I can shrug off the bad luck! :P).

Cordon Bleu covered with Oatmeal (recipe grabbed from my friend, Caren) 
Being a wife to a very supportive husband, I always want to make sure that I experiment and re-create dishes. Some are still what we are used to (it's because R can only take about 2-3 experiment dishes at a time) like the sinigang or adobo however at times, I try to do some of it with a twist!

Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta (recipe from my cousin, Sheryll) 
Usually, inspiration to cook comes from various ways like recipes I see online and fortunately for us, we have Food Network on cable!!

We have been following Ina and Guy on their shows!!!
I hope that you get inspired too! :) The only problem that I have is being familiar with some of the ingredients and for the first time, I got acquainted with the spices available here in Dubai. I had a close encounter with the dill, parsley, fennel seeds and more. I still need to learn more but at least I have made the first step! :) 

Now, I really hope my love affair with cooking this does not catch up with my waist! :(

Sunday, September 1

Best and Worst Cities to Live 2013

(link and story can be found here

I was browsing through my emails and saw the link about the Best and Worst Cities to Live for 2013.  What I have noticed is most of them are places in Canada and Australia. 

Initially, hooray because my brother is living on the city that holds the 3rd spot (Vancouver, Canada). My brother and his entire family landed in Canada a couple of months ago. They are still on the "adjusting period" and I am glad that they are able to connect with some relatives and friends way back in high school (God really has His ways doesn't he?). 

I just noticed that there was no explanation on what were the criteria for recognising them as the best and worst cities to live in. 

Looking at the worst cities, it seems the criteria was based on the current situations the cities have right now. 

Now, I wonder when will the cities of the Philippines take one of the Top 10 spot? =) 

Saturday, August 31

Be Careful

Times are really getting tough these days. 

Not only in third world countries but also in other countries as well. Dubai has now been home to more than a hundred thousand expats who have moved out of their countries to provide a better life for their family. 

Everyday, adjacent to our office, you can see a lot of people lined up either to submit for their CVs... some wait for the good news under the heat of the sun,if they are shortlisted. 

In the Philippines, news reports say that the percentage of people who are out of employment are increasing resulting to my fellow kababayans violating the policies implemented by the government - like going to countries that are high risk, security wise or paying off illegal recruiters for them to be brought to other countries wherein they can earn and send money to their families. 

Now, if you don't have money to spare or connections, you end up going after retirees or tourists. A friend of mine who has stayed in Malaysia for close to a year now, experienced his first robbery on broad daylight. 

Bev, a British expat has been in Malaysia for sometime now and is considering retiring there for good. The incident occurred on 14 August 2013. This is his encounter:- 

Subject: An Incident in Ara Damansara

i Rachiel
thought you might be interested
in the following
  which I sent to my local Residence Association to day 
I wish to share with you an incident that occurred to me this afternoon, the 14th August, in PJU1A / 20b.
I am a retired UK expat who has been living in Ara Damansara for the past 3½ years.
Recently I have taken up cycling to combat the onset of those unwanted additional kilos and to build up my fitness. 
So this afternoon at around 2.30, for the first time, instead of driving down to the shops I decided to ride my bike.
I took a rucksack to carry the chain I would use to attach my bike to a suitable anchor and unusually I placed my wallet (containing cash, atm and credit cards), phone and house keys in the rucksack. I say unusually because my normal modus operandi would be to place my wallet and phone in separate pockets of my cargo pants and the keys in a side pocket. Today, however, I was not wearing cargo pants so they all went in the rucksack.
I slowly cycled down to the shops and found a suitable signpost pole located on the corner of Jalan PJU1A/20b and 20c to use as an anchor for the bike. A location that is in full view of all people in the vicinity. I leaned the bike against the pole, took off my rucksack, removed the chain and placed the rucksack on the ground directly beside my feet. I proceeded to chain the bike to the pole and had only been there for a matter of one or two minutes when I became aware of a slight draught at my ankles. I looked down to see that my rucksack had disappeared. I looked up and saw a man with my rucksack running towards Jalan PJU1A/1 where his accomplice was waiting on a motorbike so that they could make their get away. I gave chase to the thief but I never had a chance to catch him as he had at least a 15 meter start on me.
This snatch was made in mid afternoon in broad daylight, with many people present who witnessed the incident and the rucksack was taken from right at my feet. A very audacious act, by people who obviously consider that the reward is worth the risk as there is little chance of getting caught. 
I have been an expat for more years than I care to admit and have worked in many countries both in the Middle East and South East Asia. I have, with out doubt, enjoyed my time in Malaysia, which I believe is a very fortunate country endowed with friendly citizens, natural resources, dramatic scenery and for me a great climate so it is with sadness that my positive feeling for this country has been tainted by my experience to day.
I hope the above will help to make people aware of the dangers that lurk at all times and in some small way avert an incident similar to mine. 
Best Regards
Good thing is he was not hurt. I feel sad whenever I hear these types of stories wherein people think it is alright... We know there is a purpose for doing this - to put food on the table for your family (I sure hope this was the reason) but there are other ways to earn money - not by stealing things.

True, immediately, Bev was able to replace all the material things but the trauma of having to look over your shoulder again and again, making sure that you are secure with your stuff is tiring, most especially if you have to do it every time you leave the house.

This happened in Malaysia but this is a usual scene in our country and I feel sad about it. I know the government says they are trying to come up with more jobs, I hope that they are true to their word however whilst these are still rampant in the country that you live in, make sure that you be extra careful when going out and even when you are at home.

Be Safe. Always.


Saturday, August 24

Compliments... Praises...

I was doing my usual blog reading when I saw Carla's blogpost about Praise and Fidelity, the post was actually about married couples and how to accept praises or compliments from your partner.

R and I have been together for a few years now. We had our ups and downs but most importantly, we are still together.

In this time and age, a lot of factors can cause a strain in one's marriage - technology, temptation and more. If you don't have God as a center in your relationship, all of these can kill it.

In the blog, Carla talked about receiving compliments from your partner. I am privileged that my husband is not madamot when it comes to giving compliments. He loves giving one - a lot to be honest!

He compliments me when I cook dinner, arrange something in our room and more. This is also the reason why I want surprising him - cause he appreciates!

This was the surprise I did for him on his last Birthday :) Super happy thoughts here!
I, for one, is not into giving compliments cause I show it when I appreciate a gesture. I think I still have to learn how to put my actions to words though I think in which form do you feel most comfortable - it's okay just as long as you let your partner know that you appreciate what he does for the relationship.

I know also that when I am soooo tired from work, I tend neglect giving out my gestures... and would snap most of the time -- at him  :(

It's not good and for married couples reading this blog, DO NOT neglect your husbands... always remember that the time you step out of the office, is also the time that your responsibilities should stay there and focus on what your role is in the house - a wife and mom (if you have kids).

Again, thanks for sharing that post Carla and may God bless you and your family! :)

I have lost my exercise mojos =(

If Dr. Evil froze his mojos, I seem to have lost my exercise mojos! :(

I was sooo into my game during the month of Ramadan. I was able to you know do it religiously for like at least 2 times a week and 3 times the most!

I was sweating and was also seeing the fruits of my labour. Apart from that, I was also able to watch what I eat. I started having salads at night and was not caving in to my cravings. Overall it was all good.

Then Eid came.

Imagine what the 3 days could do --- wreck you completely.

Now, I have not exercised for two weeks now. I have given in to sweet tooth cravings -- chocolate and all...

Since we are now back to the full day of work, it has been a battle to eat and not eat.

I don't think I am stress eating. Instead of eating, I take in fluids - like water :)

However, I know I have to be creative with my eating or else I will fall back into the trap of eating too much!! :p

I have to think... think... think...

Can you help me? ;)

Wednesday, August 7

Chatty Me

I have met two of my friends this week and just noticed that most of the conversations are one-sided.
Now I wonder, am I just chatty or do they have a lot on their minds?

**images from and

Sunday, August 4

Life in the Blogging World

I usually go through my blog every week (when I say "go through", I check who my audiences are, where do I get link back, my top posts, etc).

What I do notice whenever I check my blog is that I never have any comments in. From the time I have started this blog, I only have two comments - one from a friend and the other one from me (because I answered her query).

I am not sure if this is because most of my posts are personal and not a lot are into reading what I have to say or it could be because there is not a lot of substance?

Years back, blogging was all about personal things. Most of my friends saw this as a venue where they can vent out, tell a story about their relationships and more. After reading the posts, we would comment endlessly about it until we forgot what the topic was really all about. I wasn't sure if this was because we were all just starting out and everyone needed all the support you can have. Fresh out of college, the real world is sometimes not kind to newbies.

The blogging world was a friend - a network of friends for that matter. It can be someone you know or someone you just met through a friend or a total stranger.

I guess this platform was left behind due to a more advanced way of socialising - Facebook and Twitter.


It has kind of put blogging behind, same as what I did. I got myself busy with Facebook and Twitter too. It must be the hype but still it led me back to blogging.


After coming back, I noticed that blogging has transformed itself. From being personal, it became commercial. It has become an avenue for PR practitioners to use blogging in promoting their show, restaurants, etc.
Blogging has become the new "word of mouth" 
Instead of talking about it, they blog it with pictures as testimony to prove what they say. Again, bloggers decided also to group themselves - mommies together, blogging fashionistas and more.

Still, I am waiting for posts that have emotion on them. Sharing a piece of their life that is not due to a product or a restaurant experience but more of about them - what was their day like, what influenced them to write about it today.

I hope I see some of you behind your mask.


Tuesday, July 30

Ramadan Stress and De-stress

The holy month of Ramadan started on the 10th of July.

It is during this month wherein we (meaning everybody who is working) gets to work for shorter hours -  6 hours to be exact. Though to be honest, some do stay longer in the office (an unspoken rule for senior management and some instructed by their bosses to stay) while others, they leave the office to continue working at home.

The timings are actually welcomed by everybody but the pressure - not. Since people work on shifts or some their regular working hours, we get requests and queries even if we are not in the office.

Every morning, I think we would see about 10-20 unread emails waiting to be answered. All about follow-ups, new requests and more follow ups!

Now, I understand the phrase,
so little time so much to do... 
And because of the timings and whatnot, it makes me want to read more of my e-books (through my Amazon Kindle) after an exhausting day so that it can take me to a different place, time and sometimes, era. I was able to finish a book (yey!) and am reading the second one.

Unfortunately, we are already on the third week and this will soon be over. Back to normal timings. Sweet.

Ramadan Kareem

Friday, July 19

Do you have the ___________ dream?

In between having my brunch and reading an e-book in my Kindle, my housemate joined me in the kitchen to have his breakfast as well. 

Sensing, I need to have some manners and strike a conversation with him, I decided to put down my Kindle and chatted a bit about things happening around. 

We went to the topic of our friends and families going to Canada. We talked about their struggles and also how their start up is the same as ours here in Dubai. 

I then asked him if he is also planning to go to Canada soon and he said no. He further explained that if given the chance now and choice, he would go back home to the Philippines. 

I thought to myself, I share his sentiments. Though travelling or visiting is not a bad idea but to live there? I am not sure. 

I just realised, a lot of people in the Philippines have the (             ) dream. It can be interpreted in different countries / regions: It started off with the American dream next the European dream, the Canada dream and I think a few have the Gulf dream. 

When I was a kid, people talk endlessly about how having an American dream can solve all the problems they had then. Being in the US, where the money is overflowing, your dependents will also be part of the pail of money that you have. 

Suddenly, the attention was directed to the European dream. Since most of us Pinoys are accustomed to skilled labour, we got the idea that this dream will help us fulfil our wishes to our family. 

Another country would come out and you'd see Filipinos striving to go there and start building their dreams.... what about the Philippines? Doesn't anyone have a Philippine dream?

I ask myself the same thing. 

For one, I did not have a Gulf dream. Being in this country was merely a step. A step closer to going for my true love, R. However, if you will ask me, I have not really seen myself having any of those dreams. 

Sure, I may want to visit those places but the comfort of being in your country is different. The Philippines is not perfect and so is in other countries, it has its ups and downs but nevertheless, it can still shine like the rest. :) 

Now, writing about this just makes me all the more excited to go back! :) 


Trip to the baby store

My officemate is having her baby really soon and they (husband and wife) decided that she has her delivery in the Philippines due to the sensitivity of her pregnancy.

Since she will be leaving this weekend, I decided to buy some cutie patootie stuff for her baby boy :)

I decided to drag R with me to Centrepoint and search for baby stuff.

photo taken from
There were a lot of cute stuff for both boys and girls (though I really have to say and I think most mothers would agree, girls are easier to dress up than boys)!! The store's design is U-shape starting off with the big girls / boys section (I think about 6 years of age) and then when you go inside the store, you would see clothes for 0-24 months. 

In the middle, they have housed what kids like the most - TOYS! :) It has stuff for girls to cook and fulfil their dreams of becoming a housewife, medical kits for the doctor wannabes and more! 

Going further, you would see these cute onesies for infants. They come in different designs. Most of the  items are currently on sale or on a WOW price (the store's words, not mine). You can get onesies for AED 49 only (in 5 different designs!). 

There were also infant mittens, booties and the headgear. 

For people who just don't know what to get, the store came up with an "everything-that-you-need" gift pack for friends and family who just had their baby.

While browsing around, I said to myself,  I really hope I can do this kind of shopping for my own one day. 

Being in the store was a bit different and weird. 

Different and weird because I guess we have been wanting to have one for a few years now. 

I know it will come and we are just excited to welcome him or her when the timing is right. 

Only God can tell (though I sometimes wish, it's sooner rather than later!). 

Centrepoint or Babyshop outlets are available in most of the malls here in the UAE 

Friday, July 12

Writing in the Past

If you have been my follower for the longest time... I keep telling people that I want to write. Be it on this blog or to write a novel or a short article, basta I need to write.

While browsing through our old external hard drive (yes old... it's WD book version of the external hard drive... the one that needs to powered on before you can get any files unlike the ones now where its portable), I found this baby

photo courtesy of
I always wanted to buy one of these before because I have this feeling that I will be able to write more and focus... The idea is to buy this and start writing my novel! 

This was kind of something I'd really, really want before. I thought if I had this, there will be no distractions whenever I want to write... well, to be honest, this was like my reasoning as to why I bought the Kindle but I still was not able to read as much as I would want to... so you know... (embarrassed)... let's forget I said that.

Seeing this device made me realise that my dream did not die... it was just in hiatus or hibernating... I am planning to write a novel soon...oh please, don't ask me when soon is... :-( but seeing this made me realise that I should really start working on my dream. 

I just think I keep making excuses on what I should be doing (super!).

Hopefully, with all these things popping up, I get to work on my dream. 

Monday, July 1

Local Ads and Recipes

I was just browsing through my blog and re-reading my old posts when I noticed that my blog now has local adverts (naks!) :)

Does this mean people notice my blog? or it was just because of the fact that I live in this region hence the advertisements. Well, whatever that means, I thank people who find time to read my blog (and you are one of them, Stubbsy!)... I am hoping to see some comments though :)

I know I don't write much and I really think I have found the source, it's because I am always pre-occupied with doing a lot of stuff! There was even a tweet not so long ago about this type of disorder that I have!!

RT @UberFacts: "Busy Life Syndrome" is a real disorder causing forgetfulness and lack of concentration in people who take in too much information daily.
(tweet taken from twitter) 

Ha! I need to do something about this and create a routine (possibly) so that I don't fall into this... Focus is the word (which I can hopefully blog in another time -- eep! another promise that I intend to keep)

Tuesday, June 18


My family would always tell me before that I seem to have learned the value of money very early on in life.

They could be right!?!

I remember saving up my allowance in college and would bring my own baon (snack) so that I can either buy my books or notebooks.

 When I went to work, my salary is kept in a stainless piggy bank where no one knows (and to be honest, I sometimes forget where I've put it myself!) and save what was left of my previous salary.

My family, knowing I have saved some pesos would ask me to lend them this much or that much. I was very strict. As long as they pay on time, they can lend money from me again but if they failed, no lending of money for two months! :P

I don't know why but I always try to get deals or avail vouchers on websites that I see... Sometimes, I'd join contests online to win freebies. When these deals like Cobone or Groupon launched themselves about two to three years ago, I was sooo happy I think I noticed one or two tears fell because finally, I get to have something I want at a much cheaper price! How is that for a bargain!!! :)

Slowly, I realise some bargains are not that healthy. I had this mantra of being stingy on clothes, accessories, etc... this I learned the hard way.

Bought stuff I don't need... and the main reason I bought it was because it was cheap... that's all.

Now, when it comes to clothes and other stuff that you intend to use for a long time, I go for the reliable brand.

Cheap treats are still not that bad... but I guess you just need to choose where to be stingy and where not to be.


Monday, June 17

Me and My Dad

I am a certified Daddy's girl... and I think I still am! :)

When I was a little girl, my dad is everything to me. I always want to be next to him, when we walk, we eat, we shop and I think almost everything! I always wanted to hold my dad's hand. It's as if his hand was my sense of security that time.

When I was about 6 to 8 years old, Sundays are the best! My parents will always take us to the mall and let us stroll. I was never fond of going to the arcade (like what kids do these days) and tell my parents that I'd just meet them when they get tired.

I was always with them. I always want to see when they laugh about something, criticise a passerby or just discuss about us, their children.

As I grew older, my dad and I would still be together but our "going out sessions" were lessened. We had to tightened up our budget because I was up for college and my brother was already a graduating high school student.

Instead of going out, we'd spend our weekends glued in front of the TV, watching cable. At times, I do my siesta and he will still be beside me when I wake up, with merienda (or snacks)! During the days when I have to cram for an exam or finish a project and needed a lift home. My dad would patiently wait for my call or text to let him know that I am ready to go. No hassle of always asking, "where are you?"... "are you about to be finished?"... Instead he would patiently wait for me (isn't he the sweetest?).

Though I had 'special friends', my time with my dad is something I cannot trade.

It was non-negotiable.

My dad was always with me... When I had to get my passport to come to Dubai, he helped me processed my college credentials to take to Dubai with me, he and my mom would always pick me up from work most especially if they have heard on the radio that floods starting near my work place. He would always check up on me, my school, if I still have allowance, etc.

There's a long list of things that my dad and I loved doing.

I will never forget those moments... and even if we had a bit of a struggle for the past few years, I still see my dad as what he was to me before.

My sense of security.

So... to my Daddy and the other fathers out there, here's to all of you for being our pillar of strength and just being there.

Happy Father's Day! 

I love you Daddy... always...

Friday, June 7


I have been married since 2007 so that makes it 6 years this coming November.

Till this day, I still use my maiden name in the office and in most of my identification cards. I did attempt to change my last name on my passport but the hassle of changing visas (which can take up to 6 months!!) is something I am not prepared to do.

So every time I fill in forms, I still use my last name. I did ask my husband about his opinion about it and he does not mind. R even joked that maybe he can have my last name because of it being unique! :P

Mr. and Mrs. Alarcon 

I was browsing through blogs and chance upon Patty's. She has announced her new email address.

That made me think.

I have 3 email addresses (Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail). I have been contemplating whether to close down some of my accounts (in particular my Yahoo account).

So I guess the whole idea of this blog post is ---

Should I sign up for a new email account with my kind of new last name?


Tuesday, June 4

Writing Hoax?

For the longest time, I have been looking for possible ways to earn money via online writing stints.

I had some recommendations from friends on which online writing sites should I join (like oDesk and Elance) however from time to time, I have been receiving emails from promotional sites saying that I can earn BIG bucks by joining their website!!

Imagine that, BIG BUCKS! Who wouldn't want that right?

Of course, since I was already lured to this... I would immediately click on the site and would skim read what are their requirements.

On the initial page, they will have this page stating that there are no requirements needed to join their site just as long as you know how to write, they will take care of the rest. It encourages you to sign in and join the pool of writers!

The next page loads and there is the truth:-

Only for a minimal amount of .... $XXX.XX
This stuns me. There is a voice in my head to give it a try but I have been scammed before and it is hard when you try to spend hard earned money on someone or something that promises you with better earnings only to find out that you have been conned!

I just needed to let this out because I have again received this kind of scam message!! Grrr!!!

(photo courtesy of

Breathe in.... Breathe out... (50x) 

I have just closed the site and I know I will eventually I will find another website or writing stint that will make me earn extra! :) 

Wednesday, May 22

Recovering... Tornadoes...

I'm back!

Yes, R and I braved the feisty streets of Manila so that we can see our family during our almost three weeks stay there (hopefully, I can blog about tidbits of our trip in another time).

We have just been here for about a week and a half. A lot of things have been happening around.

Taiwanese people being mad with the Pinoys (I am still in the dark about this news... I know Google is there but I am still trying to avoid knowing about it), Philippine elections happened and Senators were already proclaimed and now, on the other side of the universe, US is again facing a natural disaster.

Oklahoma is / has experiencing the tornadoes in their area. I have seen tweets about this and some even tried posting pictures of what is happening there now but this video clip from KSN TV caught my attention and I just had to post it...

(courtesy of Youtube)

I have not experienced tornadoes but watching the movie Twister and seeing this scene 

(photo courtesy of the

It did scared me! I don't think I'd ever want to see a cow flying in front of me!! So with this video and image, I hope that we all join hands and pray for Oklahoma. For them to be protected and shielded by God. 

Saturday, March 30


I just got back from a post birthday celebration cum shopping spree with my friends today.

We went to Mirdiff City Centre for some shopping catch up and also to scout for the gadgets that we can buy for the upcoming Gitex Shoppers.

A first in the UAE as usually Gitex happens during the month of October.

This event will be held for a few days (April 3 to 6).

Now going back to shopping, I am just impressed with girls who do not need to fit the clothes they buy because they are soooo sure that it will fit them.

As for me, I always, always need to fit. It is because my size varies from different stores. I can be a medium in some stores and a large (ack!) in others.

I just had this thought because I had to wait for a very long queue to fit tank tops! Imagine that!! I sooo wanted to fit them in one of the corners of Forever 21 but I hesitated because well, it is not appropriate.

In the end, I waited and fitted the tops. They were perfect so I ended up buying four! :)

Pics? Cannot do so .... a bit revealing this should probably do it.

Photo from

Saturday, March 23

Innovative Cities in the Asia Pacific

As I have mentioned before, twitter has been my go-to in terms of picking up news and stuff.

While browsing through my favorite social button, I chance upon this tweet from @EntrepreneurPH about the Top 10 Innovative Cities in the Asia Pacific.

Opening the link, I was hopeful that the Manila, Philippines was at least being considered. According to the article, the categories were:- 

  • human talent -- check! we have that!
  • knowledge creation -- hmmm... tough! 
  • technology -- okay, we are I think a bit far behind on that one 
  • society -- this is a bit of a concern at the moment most especially since we still have a lot of families that are under the poverty line 
  • government -- never mind 
Overall, I think we are still far off to be considered as one of the innovative cities in the Asia Pacific though I still hope that it won't be long when we can be proud of ourselves for turning one of our cities to fit their criteria. 

I think Makati is slowly moving up the pace but we need to strive more. 

I am positive that the Philippines will be part of the "one of the" countries very soon. Just watch this space...

If you want to read more about the article and who were the top 10 cities, here's the link.  


Positive me!

Thursday, March 21

The teleserye fever got into me!!!

I am still, like the rest of the Pinoy all over the world, stuck to waiting day by day for the teleserye to be shown on TV!!

This is not me!!

I have never been addicted to this before...

Arrrgggh, Be Careful with My Heart... you changed me! I got the bug!! Waaaahhhh!!!!

Photo courtesy of

Friday, March 1

Reading the news

How do you get your latest news feeds? Is it by reading the paper online? Holding a the latest edition of the newspaper or do you rely in Twitter like I do?

I don't know if you can consider me as a "person on the go" but I am always out and about of my seat. Lunch break is all about the whats and whys in the office so reading the news has never been part of my daily routine however when people tweet about them, that is the time I get curious.

I read the tweets and at the same time, try searching this online.

That's my news and I feel guilty because while I am subscribed to newsletters telling me the highlights, I still do not consider it as one.

Weird ain't it.

I just noticed that while I was purging my emails in Yahoo, I have a lot of unread newsletters from, my go-to for news bits and more. I am not sure if this is because I am not interested in what's happening with the Gulf (a lot of times, my manager would give me tidbits of what's happening around the globe and my look "priceless" --- because I'm totally clueless!) or I am just busy about my own thoughts.

I am now making the executive decision to unsubscribe and urge myself to read more - be it local or foreign.

Being a citizen of the world, I think we should all make it a habit to watch / read / listen to the news. I know it's not really one of the happiest things to do but it should be done.

I hope to become more active in doing so --- there! another goal for 2013! :)

What about you? How updated are you? Hope to hear from someone... anyone?

- Moi -

Thursday, February 28


After about two weeks of moving stuff around in the room, doing laundry and re-arranging our wardrobe, I now have to rid some of my emails on all my three email addresses!!!

Every year, I try my best to delete unwanted emails or I thought I needed.

I have only started doing it with my Gmail account and is going through my Hotmail now. To be honest, I always try to do my Yahoo last... being my oldest account, I receive a lot of emails and I mean a lot. Even Yahoo cannot give me the correct figure, if I look at my Inbox, it just says 999+!

It is hard to clean up emails most especially if you subscribe to a lot of newsletters, deals and more! :(

Oh well, I need to clean up like what I have done for our room or else, it will just pile up!

Okay, I was just having a break from my cleaning and will now go back to it :( :(

- Messy Me

Saturday, February 23


here I am again... behind with my blogging but this is not entirely my fault...

A lot of things had happened in the past month. We had to move houses (I will see if I can blog about this) immediately and then we didn't have internet connection for the same month so I don't really do not have much of a choice.

Another thing is work has picked up a bit. We have been buying more lately which means we deal with suppliers a lot and at the same the usual request from our users.

Now, we are connected and somewhat settled in our new home (yay! it's a room!!).... I can blog again (double yay!).

Hopefully, this post will break my hiatus...

So, you will definitely see more of me (wee!!!)

Saturday, January 12


As per my last post, I am still working on my goals.

I still have not got any.

I know the month is about to end and I need to write them down to set some goals to myself and at the same time write about my faith goals too (what I want and believe that God will do for me and my family).

Lately, I have been having a lot of moments where I try not to think.... not sure if that was really to lessen the excess baggage (emotional and physical) or I am just pre-occupied with a particular event that will happen really soon.

I think my mind is all over the place. The pros and cons of this decision... the things that we need to accomplish - part of which is the renovations to be done in our house in Manila.

A lot... yes, a lot in my head.

I need to write them down to clear my head... but till this moment when I have everything I need with me - pen and notebook... even my laptop... I still can't write it.

How about you? Have you set your goals? What you would want to achieve? Maybe you can share some with me? :)

Wednesday, January 2

New Year

We have done one of our first on the last day of 2012, we (meaning R and I) have decided to spend it with our friends.

Usually for the holiday season, we like spending it just the two of us. Not sure if this was because we talk about the events that has happen to us in the past (some of them hurt us, some made us happy and some made us ponder) or we just like to be on our own (I know we have to work on our social skills :P).

Anyways, spending New Year's eve with friends made me realise how lucky we are with them. We have known them for the longest time (almost a decade) and yet when we meet them, it still is like old times. We laugh, reminisce, laugh and then look forward to something.

I think the reason for this bond is because we do not have any qualms about the group. No bad blood, like what they usually say.  This is one of the best groups that we have hung out with and will surely be missed when we decide to go home...

Now... I need to work on my goals for this 2013... what about you? Have you got any?