Sunday, October 27

Random thoughts

Things have been going well these past few days.

My only worry now is the results of my dad's test results from the lab (background: my dad had his annual check-up and they found out that he has Diabetes Type II. The nurse said that I should not worry because this type of Diabetes can still be cured. My dad just needs to move around a bit more and exercise.

He was given some meds for a month and then they will see how it goes. He is scheduled to do another test by the end of October so I am keeping my fingers crossed that things will be a-ok.

Most definitely a daddy's girl

I am beginning to read books again. Not the hard copy but more on my Kindle. Since I have a few minutes in my hands, I read through my Kindle while waiting for the bus or waiting for friends (which by the way is very rare as I always come late in meetings!!!).

It has been a good way for me to catch up with my books! I didn't think I will get the hang of it but I did so here's to more reading till forever!

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

R is still on a crappy shift. We had worst days and sometimes I think this is why he asks for a break. A complete break from all of this. I tend to agree with him on some days but at times, I put my financial guru hat on and I keep asking myself if we will survive should we decide to take the plunge.

Will we?

A question that haunts me more now then ever before. I have already set a date but I think I am (again) leaning to change it... R says he understands but I can sense the sadness in either his voice or see it in his eyes. It breaks my heart but I have to think about the future.

However, when I look at the people who have decided to set their feet on one place... they seem happy and satisfied with what they have... I sometimes wonder if that will work for us too... after being exposed to a place where everything you want is just within your reach (if you have either a credit card or funds)... will we make it -- this is the question that I always have in my head.

Sunday, October 6

Buying what you don't need

I am guilty.

I have bought a few things in the grocery or in the boutiques only to be kept to one side. Sometimes, I remember to use them but other times, like food, either R would eat it because it is close to being expired or he would throw them :(

Most of the time, I always have this idea in my head and will get excited about it... then boom... I will get lazy to do it or R will say that he wants to eat out.

Looking at this article published by MSN about the 10 things people buy but never use. I think most of them, I have stored, thrown or ended.

Canned goods is also the Top 1 for me. I keep buying them and then I ended up shelving them either to the back end being replaced with another set of canned goods! I only remember them when I suddenly have the urge to do the recipe again... which at times, is close to the expiry date of the canned good! :-S

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Mobile apps is Top 2. The good thing about me is they are all free. This is also the reason why I hesitate when I buy apps. I always ask myself if it will be something that I need or just want. Wants are most of the time, spur of the moment decisions which at times, you regret. I try to wait for a few weeks or months just to be sure I need it. Though if it's on sale, that's another matter! :p

Top 3 is ... books and magazines!!!! I am not sure if book nerds have this issue as well but I usually hoard... both!!! I always have a reading list but usually does not end up following it so to be honest, I am happy that the Kindle and Zinio were released and so are the other reading apps... at least I can hide my overflowing collection from R (though unfortunately, the bills don't lie!).

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For now, as much as I can, I try and see if I really, really need it. I stop myself from buying, if I know I am not going to do anything about it. As for my books, good thing torrents are available and of course, thanks to friends too!!!