Friday, December 28

An Enlightenment

Note: Bear with what I will be blogging as this might not be a wee bit personal.... I just need to "kind of" let it out. 

It is common knowledge within our social circle about our desire to have a child. A few visits to the doctor and other alternative options were made to ensure that we are on the right track however every time the red letter day comes, I always end up disappointed and hurt.

I kept asking myself was I doing anything wrong? What was it in the book that I did not follow and the list of unknown whats and whys would cloud my head until I finally convince myself that I'm exhausted and another try won't hurt.

However, it did hurt.

I keep convincing myself that maybe it was not the right time yet. Maybe it's because we do not have a space that we can call our own and also with our upcoming plan (can't expose that yet but a few trusted friends know what it is), the baby plan might just change it all... then I'd say to myself that change is good and the whole debate (which only runs in my head) will continue until I get tired and decided to drain the debating voices in my head.

Then, I have chanced upon a reading on a Joyce Meyer plan that I have.... and it was about asking Why to God.

It was about asking why to God when in reality we should believe in Him, about his perfect timing.

The reading made me realise a lot of things and that my desire to have a child might not be what God has planned just yet. It did make me question if I am really ready to have another life depend on me. I know I am and I do want to but probably God does not see it yet.

Now, the feeling does not hurt that much anymore....seeing couples enjoying their own bundles of joy. It is wonderful to see and hear about it.

I pray that when the time comes (which is I hope is not that far) God sees me ready, I will be able to provide my child or children my undivided attention and shower them with love like what my parents have done to me and maybe more.

For now, I will (and I say this with an open and trying heart) enjoy seeing a mother's expressions when she carries another life in their womb.

Mark 9:24
Immediately the boy's father exclaimed, "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief"

Saturday, December 22

Sandy Hook Tragedy

I am a bad journalist!! :( 

I overheard from a work colleague about the Sandy Hook tragedy. It did not really ring a bell to me because of the fact that I am already used to hearing shooting incidents in the US so this was I thought "one of those" usual situations. 

The day went as normal and so were the other days. However, one day, when I switched the television on and was browsing through the channels, I stopped and watched CNN's breaking news and there I saw the news clip about Sandy Hook. 

I was shocked that the ones who died were children. 



Looking forward on their future. 

All of a sudden, their lives ended... just like that. 

I saw posts from friends who lives in the US about the painful incident. 

I read through a personal account of one of the local news reporter here. Shannon has recounted how she has managed to capture the image... the photo that has captured the situation and the expression from the children's faces. 

I still do not know the whole story behind it.... but I feel for the parents who have lost their child or children due to this shooting incident. 

I know that no words can comfort these parents for the lives lost but I hope that they will be able to move on and face the present, one day at a time. 

(photo grabbed from wikipedia)

Sunday, December 16

41st UAE National Day

December 2 - United Arab Emirates celebrated their 41st National Day. Various activities were coordinated by both the private and public sectors.

Apart from that, different shopping malls have their own "gimmicks" on how they can attract the people to visit their malls. One of my work colleague informed me that there is a parade that took place in Dubai Mall wherein the kids from various schools requested their students to dress up as Emiratis for the parade.

As per my last post, we decided to have breakfast in Ikea since our friend (Mitch) needed to go back to the office so she can do some last minute tasks in the office (which in the end did not happen! :p).

This was one of my favorite holidays because R was able to come with us since it was his day off (more holidays like this please!!).

When we reached Ikea, my oh my! There were a lot of people in Ikea @ DFC! Long queues of people waiting to eat breakfast! Good thing, Mitch's friends were able to save us seats!

In celebration of the National Day, Ikea had these cakes made and were sold to the public (Carrot Cake with the UAE Flag as frosting! Yummy!)

(grabbed from Mean's Facebook account)
After our brunch, we were determined to have a stroll at Dubai Festival City to enjoy the remainder of the day. So what else can you do inside the mall? SHOPPING! 

Got myself a pair of jeans and a few tops! :) R on the other hand didn't want to buy anything (or he was not in the mood). 

We finally ended it with dinner at Black Canyon :) 

Sunday, December 2

Short but Sweet

This weekend is our long weekend here in Dubai.

UAE is celebrating their 41st National Day and people (I think) will be marching off to Dubai Mall for the parade.

We wanted to go to the beach to have a breathe of the salty air but schedules do not permit so we might just go and head up to Ikea where we can have unlimited coffee and cheap-o breakfast! :)

This is the life! :p

**More posts to come... it's just that I am not in the mood to elaborate on the week that was ;)