Tuesday, October 11

Where Did Time Go?

I cannot believe it that time literally flies so fast! We have reached a few milestones this month of October. For one, this is our second year anniversary of being former OFWs in Dubai. Can you believe that? It feels like it was just yesterday but we have already survived the smog, the "extrajudicial" killings and more here in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, I also have a personal milestone for me as I have officially completed three months in my online work as a web writer. I have to be honest that I am still at that point where I am relearning the ropes of writing. I know what they say, "once a writer, always a writer" - right? However, I don't think that is the case for me.


It is a good thing that my editors are patient with me with every revision that they need to do with my article.

Right after my shift, my editor and I had a chat and she mentioned that my writing has improved! Finally, all the hard work has paid off. However, not all of it was good news because she also mentioned that based on her edits, my common mistakes are still the same.

I am mindful about it but as I have told her, when you keep on reading your work, you think that everything is right even when some of it is wrong (makes sense?). I am challenging myself to be careful but also be mindful of the deadline. Yes, she has highlighted "time" to be me as well because I have been submitting my work late!

Reading this blog post right now, I think there is a shift on my tone and with how this blog is written. Hopefully, this new "writing" will bring in more viewers for me.

See you soon, okay?