Monday, April 27


A few weeks back (I think), I got an email from Google to check if my site is mobile-friendly. It seems a lot of people now are opting to own a smartphone rather than a laptop. With almost everyone wanting to be on the go, a smartphone is your best fit.

Like always, I tend to forget this kind of alert (yeah, I am super busy right now being a mom to two puppies and one dog takes much of my time these days) and it is only now that I got prompted to check if my blog is mobile-friendly by taking their test.

yehey! would that mean more readers for this blog?
And I passed (yey!).

So, if you are constantly reading my blog, I am pleased to let you know that it is mobile-friendly! :) No hassles of not getting to read my blog properly. However, if in case this is not true, please let me know so that I can at least inform Google (naks!) about it and let them have a look.

Tuesday, April 14

Another role added: ONLINE SELLER

This is an overly late post because I have actually sold all my items last February :)

Yes, I am an online seller.

I was seeing a particular item on my Facebook feed last November / December 2014 and since we are still trying to figure out what to do next, I thought this can be something that I can do to test the waters.

Introducing the product... tada!

Yema Spread from Quezon
I was intrigued by the taste so I also had a try and then at the same time asked around about it. A friend of mine said that the composition of the yema spread is the same as Estrel's caramel icing on their cakes. 

Even more intrigued because my Facebook newsfeed is being flooded by the yema spread so I took the plunge. My good friend, Meena managed to hook me up with 24 bottles.

As soon as they arrived, I got excited and decided to post it online (",). Since most of my Facebook friends were in Dubai, it is but normal that they were the ones to take notice. I did think that I can ship it to them using the usual route however I failed because I need to produce a lot of documents relating to the package. However since my Dubai friends were very persistent about it, a friend was able to pull some strings and I was able to send them about 6 bottles of this heavenly yema spread.

I think my stash got depleted close to a month. It was a bit difficult at first because I am not that familiar on how to send the bottles across. It was really a good thing that my friend, Raine was able to help me understand the basics of shipping stuff to people.

Though in some instances, R and I delivered the package because we do have time in our hands at the same time, it served as a date night for us too.

Us taking a selfie after making a delivery of the Yema Spread at the Landmark
 I am still hopeful that the online selling business will push through. I have not placed another order for the yema spread as of yet because I do not have enough buyers for this as of now (I think my patrons have not finished their spreads yet - come on people!).

Apart from the spread, I am hoping to expand my re-selling and dip our hands into other products.

I hope this will push through and we can progress further.

*fingers crossed*

Now, if I got you interested with this post and would want to buy some, email me so that I can send you a bottle (after you've paid of course hehehe).

Monday, April 13

Feeling the Heat!

Summer is really here!!!

I can feel it heck I have been sweating like crazy. I mean we have already turned on the AC at night and I still sweat (what is wrong with me?!).

After x years of being out of the Philippines, this will be my second time to experience what summer is really like here because of global warming and all. I remember a friend of mine has warned me that I will constantly be in the mall so that we get to experience the free AC. Thankfully, we have not resorted to that just yet.

I know that being in the Middle East should have made me accustom to it. The dry months is even hotter in Dubai (it's not ideal to have a stroll because you can die of heat stroke in 30 minutes to an hour depending on how hydrated you are before you started walking). Though it's hot there, the airconditioner can easily be switched on without having to worry about your electric bill because the cost is bearable if you compare it to the Meralco costs here (and to add insult to injury, I have watched in the news that Meralco will have a price increase this April. Boohoo!).

this was a photo of R travelling to our Desert Safari destination
Now that I am a housewife (well, I am a freelancer as well but more of the former), I have become more conscious on how and where should we spend our money --- in other words, expenses. It was different then because we were both earning enough to splurge a little bit but now, we are mindful of how things are being spent that R thinks I am a grinch or Super S (meaning Super Stingy).

I guess you can say that I am still adjusting to our new lifestyle (yeah! still even if it's already 6 months) but I think I'm slowly getting a hang of it.

Though at times, there really are days when reasoning just wants me to let go of my pseudo accounting skills and jump into how my body will be cooled down by the breeze coming from the airconditioner (hahaha!).

Hopefully the sun won't be as harsh as my friend said it would be. 

Thursday, April 2

Thoughts on Marriage

We have been married for x number of years and add to that the x number of years that we were together as boyfriend and girlfriend equals to a lot (teehee). However, I feel that we should have started our family earlier than we have done.

I don't know maybe earlier like 3-4 years? Maybe we could have started a family that soon though knowing me, I would have been the culprit because I know I would want to make sure that my family be secured first.

I guess even if we got married with the time frame that I have wanted, it would still be the same, there will still be a waiting period because of the game plan that I have in mind though to be quite honest, I think what we did suited the current state that we are in - no mortgage to pay and still have enough to maintain a convenient life.

The reason for this line of thinking? This couple that was married for 56 years! Click on this link to view the write-up about it ( After watching their video, I am moved which is why this post and all those thoughts came about. The way that they have described their love for one another and how each have become a part of their body. In other words, they have become ONE. By the way, thanks to Facebook and my friend, Owie dela Cruz that I had the chance to see this video.

I love his smile! He's so cute! :) 

Even if we are just about 1/16 of the number of years that they have spent together, I think R and I have also established how we value one another in this marriage (or else we won't be together this long). All the more now that we both are in each other's side 24/7!

I have to admit, I see more of how he is and I guess the same for me. I can say he is the most caring person - makes sure he attends to me first before anything else... the affection that he shows to me and our adopted puppies (hehehe) are surreal. Of course not everybody is perfect so you know we also have our crankiness (believe me, I declare myself the drama queen!) and it's something that we still try to adjust even if we are already past the honeymoon years.

Now, we are on that stage wherein we are ready to accept another human in the family (we have already adjusted to having canines and I have to admit, we passed with flying colors!!) and I hope that this little toddler will come soon (in my belly only to come out again hahaha).

Sugar and her 2 kids 

I believe everything happens in God's perfect time... :)

Hallmark seems to be behind this video (as a Valentine's day promo probably). I love Hallmark. I remember when I was a teen and there are special occasions that you need to get someone a card. I end up buying a Hallmark card (love their slogan too - when you care enough to send the very best). The content of their cards are meaningful and heartfelt. Come on! Isn't the video enough to stand as a testimony :) 

Now that we have all gone digital (well most of us have), I think what Hallmark did makes it all the more special but still maintains their content - meaningful and heartfelt.

Aside from Bob and Kim's love story, there are 6 more couples of have put their heart out for their special person - their husbands and wives. You can go ahead and check out Hallmark's channel (I have conveniently posted the link -

This is not just for Valentine's Day but it's for all days when you just want to express your love and make your husband or wife feel special.