Who am I?

All of us juggle a lot of responsibilities.

I am one of them. My husband and I have made a major step in our life, we want to be entrepreneurs and so we decided to take a leap!  

I juggle my time and roles by being:- 

  • a daughter to two beautiful parents who have managed to keep themselves sane whilst taking care of me and making sure my needs are met :) 
  • a sister to two of my siblings who I adore so much. Though we have fought a lot (emotionally and physically), I will never trade them for the world. They made growing up fun!
  • an absentee aunt to two adorable girls (Julia and Jillian) because they are based in Canada now (*sob*)
  • an IT coordinator to one of the prestigious construction companies here in the Middle East.  Just recently resigned from that post and is now trying to be sensational in the online world!
  • online seller / wannabe baker 
and finally, the 2nd most important role (besides being a child of God) is to be a wife to my dear, dear husband. To that person who has supported me all the way. Managed to brace himself for all of my tantrums and for always being there all the time. 

I also want to write for people who thinks they need the services of people like me... I can be reached at rachielkeyatgmaildotcom

Hope to hear from you soon? :)