Monday, April 24

Teen Talk And The Opportunities For Them

The Holy Week weekend was jam-packed for us. R's friends, including their families, stayed in the house for the entire weekend. I was excited to see them because we don't really get a lot of visitors coming over to the house (since we are a bit far off from where everybody's based).

Unfortunately, I had to work since my clients do not recognize the Holy Week practice we have here in the Philippines (similar to when we were in Dubai but they were conscious and would allow us to leave early, if necessary). Come Friday, I was all geared up to spend time with our guests.

I think it was Friday evening when I had a chance to talk to the teenagers invited in the group mix. We were just chatting about random stuff and then I asked them what they want to pursue in college.

So, what did you want to be when you grow up?
One of them said, she wants to dip her hands on Information Technology. So, I ask her what is the specialization she wanted to concentrate on. She said, there is nothing in particular but she heard that this profession will yield a five to a six-digit salary which is why she wants to pursue it. Then the other one said, she wants to take up Tourism because similar to the first one, it's where the money is.

While I listen to them talk about which they think will make them earn a lot of money in the future, I felt a bit sad. I remember when I was a teenager, I always tell people I want to pursue Journalism or Communication Arts not because of the money but because I really like what I'd be doing after.

I wanted to write so I thought that it is the best course for me. I knew my parents wanted to convince me to take up Medicine or Law (I think) but they, later on, gave me a free hand on what I want to take up in college.

I am not sure if this line of thinking suggests that times are really hard these days. They had to forego what their dream jobs are because they need to find a suitable course that will give more financial security for the family.

How about you? Was that the same objective you had when you were choosing your course back in college or even now if you are still in college?

Thursday, March 9

Struggling But Will Keep Fighting (Aja!)

I think it was two months ago when I announced that I am trying something new. I still am but what I noticed is that my writing on the other side of the blog fence is becoming fewer as days go by. 

At the peak of my excitement, I think I was able to write new posts in an interval of two days. After some time, it became a five-day interval and before I know it, it became a seven-day interval (*shocked*). 

I have assessed myself and I am not sure if the reason why I don't feel motivated is because my Google Adsense earnings are well not increasing. I did write, promote and what not to reach netizens about my new venture. 

After a few days of feeling a bit down because of my dismal earnings, I came across this article from Forbes about how Google will notice me. It did give me a lot of insights and tips on what I am doing right but more on what I am doing wrong. 

To be honest, the article is about how to dominate Google's search results -- a goal that I want to achieve really soon. Imagine being one of the go-to sources by readers out there (oooh, I like the sound of that). 

R.L. Adams, the brilliant man behind the article said that I or we need to earn Google's trust. We can only do that if we keep writing quality content and also making sure that we don't abandon the site and then attend to it only when we want to. 

A portion of R.L. Adams' article

I guess it is safe to say that blogging should be treated similar to what you do when you work. You can't leave it to work for itself (well, unless you have the manpower to do it). 

So, I will try and incorporate more of Mr. Adams' tips in order for my Nosy Me, Nosy You to become a success. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 23

OFWs Are People, Not ATM Machines

After being an OFW for x amount of years, I think I already have the authority to say that life abroad is bittersweet. While, everyone back home thinks you just grow money on trees, that is not true. 

Every centavo or peso sent has a story. A day when you had to skip lunch because your boss is panicking that he needs the report yesterday but told you about it, 15 minutes ago. Another scenario, staying in the office late because your officemate got sick and you are trying your best to understand what needs to be done because there's a meeting tomorrow. 

There are probably a few more stories about that hard-earned money that your relatives have but decided not to tell you. I repeat, money do not grow on trees. I wish they do but no they don't. 

Why am I writing about this? Because I saw a post from a Canadian nurse who got lambasted by her brother for not sending them money to buy a car. Why is it the OFW's problem? 

I can't believe this family!
To be quite honest, special favors or requests to purchase this or that is the norm in our country. I am not sure if it's the same in other parts of the world. It won't matter if the giver "willingly gives" the items or financial assistance. However, it should not be abused. 

I remember when we were still living in the desert, I would get requests from my family. I give in because I know I can. At times, I do put my foot down and tell them, it's not possible. My family understands and I am happy they do. 

However, I think the mindset of being "well-off" will always be there when you work abroad. Probably, there is some truth to that. I remember having the ability to buy what I want but it's because of my plastic (i.e. credit card). Meanwhile, some are really industrious and would get more than one job to buy what they want and at the same time, provide for their families. 

Before we decided to go home for good, I brought my mom and sister to Dubai. They were happy about it but they also learned about the different stories behind every dirham earned by my friends, of sales assistants and more. 

They discovered Dubai
My mom appreciated all the remittances I made after that visit (LOL). 

So, please before you ask some money to be sent, please do take the time to ask your OFW parent or relative about their day or anything that can make them feel that you are not only after their remittance (yes, some do feel that is the only reason their relatives contact them. yes, a once a month call). 

I hope the nurse's post will be a wake-up call to my fellow OFWs. Learn to say no. It's okay to do so. 

Sunday, February 12

It's The Weekend Woohoo... Hopefully More Baking!

I thought I'd never say those words again (LOL)! When we came home from the desert, my days were always like the weekends. Waking up late because there's nothing that I need to rush about. Browse and browse my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. I think I had that kind of routine for the past 18 months. 

I got bored so I decided, I should start a new hobby. Well, I always had a hobby and that was baking. When we were in Dubai, I would always bake something for the hubby or just for me. The satisfaction of having something accomplished over the weekend jolts my body and sustains my energy until the next weekend.

Not all baking stories were a success. Back then, it was really mostly fails (except for my brownies!). I think it was because I could not comprehend the oven I was using then (yep, when you share a flat with other people, you need to adjust with the stuff available :D). 

Here in the Philippines, I studied my equipment well i.e. my oven. I made sure I understand how it works. Luckily or should I say, thankfully, I got it and was able to produce yummy dishes. 

But that's just half of what I want to say... I just want to say, I love saying "Woohoo, it's the weekend!" because I guess I still want to keep myself busy. I am still looking for ways or means that will make me busy and at the same love what I'm doing. 

My writing stint is now finally achieved (thanks to people over the internet)! I do want to give focus on my baking stint. I wonder how can I do that. By the way, here are some of my dishes and incase, I did make you drool, my Instagram handle is sugarnherb and I do have a Facebook page too! 

Ready to take orders online :) 

Source: Facebook/SugarnHerb

Monday, February 6

When Life Gives You Lemons....

Not me but it shows what I feel right now
Our semi-retirement life (yep, that's what we've been described as here) had been jolted for the past year. You see, I thought we had it all figured out. Investments there, careful spending here and so on. 

Unfortunately, the high-risk investment(s) where we have put our savings into is... well, on hold. A few friends who will read / reading this blog will be surprised. I am not the kind of person who puts all our monies in one pot. I guess the promise of good returns kind of blinded me. 

I have banked our five-year plan around those investments. With all those on hold, we are too. Unfortunately, the expenses even though we try to discuss and negotiate will never stop. Unless of course, we decide to live in an area where basic commodities are not needed. 

There is still no word on when the investment will be back up again. So right now, thankfully when the world threw us lemons, I was able to get something going online. I am beyond relieved that we can pay our bills and whatnot. Careful spending is still in the equation but we can, from time to time, put a few wants in the basket. 

A friend gave me a eureka moment. She told me to not let a wrong decision eat me up. She's right. It felt like a nudge from the Supreme Being that I should not worry. Rather, I need to use my time and my abilities in a way that can help us and start making some lemonade. 

I am truly grateful for friends whom you don't need to tell the whole situation and they get it. They don't want you to wallow on your problems but rather fight it head on. I hope that as I write this and my confidence is slowly building up, I pray that it gets sustained until the time our financial woes are sorted.  

Source: Twitter / Levi Hastings

Thursday, February 2

I am trying something new..

Yes! I am trying something out... I said to myself, I might just reboot my other blog and have some other use to it  - yes, other than ranting coz I do that here already, right? LOL!

Anyways, if you think you want to be nosy like me. Let's peek into the celebrities' life and all other topics related to them. Join me as I try to rebuild my old blog!

It's still a work in progress but I have been consistent in putting in articles and insights on the blog. I hope you can read through and maybe suggest topics you'd like to read about? Though like I said, it's not always going to be about my nosiness.

There is a possibility that I might inject a few journalism articles that I think needs special attention. You will never know! I might surprise you.

Hope to see you here and on the other side okay? Have a great weekend ahead!

Yeap, ze blog is alive!

Tuesday, October 11

Where Did Time Go?

I cannot believe it that time literally flies so fast! We have reached a few milestones this month of October. For one, this is our second year anniversary of being former OFWs in Dubai. Can you believe that? It feels like it was just yesterday but we have already survived the smog, the "extrajudicial" killings and more here in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, I also have a personal milestone for me as I have officially completed three months in my online work as a web writer. I have to be honest that I am still at that point where I am relearning the ropes of writing. I know what they say, "once a writer, always a writer" - right? However, I don't think that is the case for me.

It is a good thing that my editors are patient with me with every revision that they need to do with my article.

Right after my shift, my editor and I had a chat and she mentioned that my writing has improved! Finally, all the hard work has paid off. However, not all of it was good news because she also mentioned that based on her edits, my common mistakes are still the same.

I am mindful about it but as I have told her, when you keep on reading your work, you think that everything is right even when some of it is wrong (makes sense?). I am challenging myself to be careful but also be mindful of the deadline. Yes, she has highlighted "time" to be me as well because I have been submitting my work late!

Reading this blog post right now, I think there is a shift on my tone and with how this blog is written. Hopefully, this new "writing" will bring in more viewers for me.

See you soon, okay?