Monday, November 16

The Laptop and Me

After months of complaining and tinkering the Laptop, I have decided to do a clean install and bring it back to its original Operating System, the Mountain Lion. I made the decision to do this because the Laptop is not making me be productive as I want to be.

I searched the internet on how to do a clean install for the Laptop and found this link. It was easy to follow however impatient me kept creeping out during this clean install that I actually almost thought I broke the Laptop.

Eventually, I found another link giving me an assurance that I have not made a complete booboo of the clean install. Rather than staring out on the world icon to keep on turning, I decided to pester the husband instead (fortunately, he was in a good mood that we kind of goofed around).

I think overall, it took most of my afternoon for the entire process to be completed and most of the mornings the next day because it has asked me to update some components.

Overall, right now, I am a bit satisfied of the outcome of this clean install though I am still a bit irritated that the "ever-persistent" pinwheel still creeps up from time to time. Though I am intrigued if this related to the speed of the internet we currently have (note: I think 3mbps is like 512kbps now, sad). So apart from the clean install, I have also placed myself / my working area close to where our router is located.

Right now, I am typing up this blog here at our dining table and I seem to be doing well (nope, not irritated).

I hope this will continue so that I can again resume looking for online opportunities these coming days.

Thursday, November 5

Have you been SCAMMED?

There are different types of scammers in the whole world. I cannot enumerate them all but it's really frustrating when you encounter one.

I am always vocal about wanting to find work online, which is why I use Elance and oDesk (now merged and turned into Upwork). There are times (most of the time for me, unfortunately) when you cannot find a decent work from their job feed or if you do find one, expect hundreds of applicants vying for the same job!


I know this is also the case for the 'real world' but it is more annoying when you encounter a website that promises to deliver / pay up just as long as you follow their instructions.

I did that with Vacant Survey.

Screenshot of their website

Since this is something new to me, I did research and see if there were any reports of online scams from this website, they don't have one. Though I did see people posting blogs or reviews saying that they are still waiting for their payout to be released so I was really hopeful that the website is legit.

Days went by and I would always try to log on to the website and browse through their surveys and make sure that I answer it as truthfully as I can. Also, I am motivated that I am close to the payout amount ($1500).

The day came when I requested for my payout. I was so excited to the point that I have even influenced one of my friends to try it out (however he declined and said he will wait for the payout to be processed to know that I have not wasted my time).

My request for payout was close to the date as to when they release their funds to their users so I actually said to myself that mine might not happen that month of August but most probably September.

I waited. No payout.

September came but still no payout. So I guess this means that I have been p*nked, scammed, or whatever you want to call it.

My friend did warn me about it saying that no one gives out $1500 for answering surveys but who was I to know? Their website keeps updating the payment that they have processed for their users so why won't I believe it?

Oh well... another lesson learned for me. Thankfully, I did not have to shell out money for any kind of membership.