Tuesday, August 25

Do you...

use your blog to gain revenue?

I do... or I think it's better to say that I try.

Yeap, I have linked my blog to generate revenue via Google Adsense and Nuffnang. It must be me... because when I have checked both accounts, I do not have enough to celebrate with a Mcdo meal (yes, even with the cheapest one or the kiddie meal).

Another reason can probably be because I am not that familiar with SEO writing. Yes, I should read more about it but I haven't done that yet - why? I don't know... (saying that makes me feel I am not really that productive)... wait! I know!! It's because I am being called by my oven to bake! I will try and post my products soon!

So, it's my fault.

I hope... I hope I can turn things around ;-)

Monday, August 17

I was suppose to

be blogging about toilets and show you the different bathtubs that caught my fancy however, in an abrupt change of weather (yeah, it was manageable at first then it became to sticky), it has taken over my mind and now, it has taken over this blog.

I just cannot wait and move to this new place where the air is fresher and less sticky.

Now, my mind cannot function properly.

I just want to document this.

*signing off* 

Wednesday, August 12

From Paper to Computer

I read a Poynter.org news feed from my inbox about the New Republic.

You can read the article here.

I have to warn you that it's a bit of a long read but it just made me realise how people behind newspapers, magazines and other forms of print media are trying their best to cope with new journalism which I believe is what we now call online journalism.

I remember when I was still in university, our professor asked us to create a magazine that will represent our group. We were given a month or probably less than that to come up with the magazine.

My groupmates and I argued, debated and brainstormed of what can be the main feature of the magazine and what will the other issues to be discussed as well. However before that we also needed to agree on what audience are we catering to.

It was torture because we then thought that the time was not enough because you have to book interviews, layout your magazine, get your facts and story right, blah, blah, blah.

With what I have been reading from Poynter.org and all the other news sites now, it is as if everything needs to be released in a matter of seconds (okay, well hours hahha!). If a news item is hot, there should be tidbits regarding the matter or issue until the writer and editor assigned to it feel confident to release the story -- online.

I think we cannot wait for stories to be written in print anymore. I remember how people waited for their newspapers to be delivered at their doorstep or their suking tindahan (convenience stores) so that they can read about the news (in depth or just plain reporting). Now, with just a swipe of a finger or pen (if you have a tablet), you can get your news.

It is a good thing I know because now, even news from Timbuktu (as long as their is internet) can be reported or read online.

Though I also wonder the struggles being made by traditional journalism and the journalists as well. This is what I have read or at least what was implied by the article. The previous person in charge left the New Republic because of the changes being made to the magazine.

This lead me to a conclusion that though it is cliche, it is true - the only thing constant in this world is change and this is what has happened to this publication.

According to Vivian Schiller, the New Republic seems to be going on the right direction and she looks forward to see them after a year if they were able to survive the game.

As for me, I may be a part of the milennial group (no age information to be divulged hahaha!) but I still am struggling to cope with the internet. At times, I also try to resist it (because you also need to filter what you read right --- now this thought grants another blogpost don't you think?!) and rely on what has been printed on newspapers but when news about a plane crash or an event has taken place and you really, really want to get information about it - you end up chewing up all the news the internet has to offer (admit it! You are nodding with me).

Makes me wonder if in the next few years, are we going to see the decline of printed materials being published? or will it survive and emerge as a winner after all?

Time will only tell.

Tuesday, August 11

One Liners

This is just what I can type right now.

The weather is really getting into me.

I need air.

It's so hot even with the rain.

I need to get out of the fan now.

See yah later.

Tuesday, August 4

Corazon at the New Shangri-la Wing

Note: This is already a late post because we have visited the restaurant last June, Father's Day. 

My sister and I decided to look for a new restaurant to try in the new wing of Shangri-la Mall. To be quite honest, there were a lot of choices to choose from.

We wandered around since lunch time is still a few hours away and we want to work on our appetite so off we go to discover this new wing.

Eventually, we ended up choosing Corazon.

Pardon the hair 

According to thespoiledmommy blog, Chef Florabel owns this establishment including other restaurants like Elias and Crisostomo to name a few (note: I tried opening Chef Florabel's website but I think it's undergoing some maintenance issues). A couple of years back, the family ate at Elias in Robinson's Magnolia for Mom's birthday and we enjoyed our meal there so I am hopeful that Corazon pleases us as well.

I think they only have limited seating inside the restaurant itself because we were guided to seat outside. I actually like the home-y feel of the place and what better way to entice me more? Seat me next to the desserts area!

I could not help myself but to keep eye of the Chocnut chocolate cake that was tempting me to have it even before the main meal is served.

This is love <3!

However, I was able to keep my composure and we ordered. The dishes that stood out for me was the Kilawin with Liempo (aka Toledo) and their Paella.

From L-R: Kilawin, Crispy Hito and Paella

We also ordered the crispy hito (aka Huelva). It was also good but I like the Thai version of this (the name of the restaurant escapes me at this time).

And because we were close to the dessert area, my sister and I drooled and had 3 different cakes (with a bonus received from the restaurant for a booboo that happened).

We got the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, the Chocnut cake (I think it was torte), another chocolate-y cake and the complimentary cake.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake and Chocolate-y cake 

I have to say the Chocnut cake / torte is perfect with coffee. The chocnut blended well and the cake was not too sweet though I feel it should have more chocnuts but oh well. The Dulce de Leche cheesecake ranked #2 for me because of the sweet and salty combination of the cake. Most probably similar to a New York cheesecake but better.

Over-all, the dishes were good but it is the desserts that really hit the mark for me.

My dad enjoyed the meal but would want bigger portions to fill him up (oops!).

Happy Father's Day Pops! 

paid this meal ourselves :)