Sunday, January 31

How do you Read?

This question crop up in my head literally a few seconds ago.


I was reading an article online and when I got kind of bored reading, my mind suddenly made a switch and decided to just scan through the article. Yes, I do this most of the time and when my interest is re-grabbed by the article, I go back to the top and read it properly.

Do you the same?

Thursday, January 28

Tips on Moving on after Losing or Leaving your Job

I knew back reading would make sense! :p

A few minutes ago, I have been reading an email that I have received last 2008! Imagine, I still have an unread message from 2008. Either I was really busy or I have completely ignored my email because of my love life (hahaha!).

Anyways, when I opened this email (unfortunately, I cannot provide the link because when I tried opening it from the website, it gave me the error 'page cannot be found' anymore so I will just give you the gist and in case...just in case, you want to have a copy of this email, I can forward it to you - just drop me an email about it).

The article was from Colleen Eddy regarding moving on after being laid off. In my opinion, her notes and comments about moving on can also be applied for people who left their jobs without any replacement as of yet.

Colleen on Careers from

I was reading this and thought if I do start looking for a job again this can be a good basis on how I should approach potential employers about what I can offer. 

The question that stuck with me is this :- What work would you be happy doing?

I would definitely be happy working as a novelist if I can and be a baker on the side (yes, that will definitely be ideal for me). 

More from the email article is this:- 

Ask yourself what you have to offer: 

  • What are your accomplishments? 
  • What strengths have you developed as you met challenges that seemed overwhelming? 
  • How have you survived in such a changing world? 
  • What technology has become part of your repertoire? 
  • How have you cultivated teamwork, leadership skills, learning on the fly? 
  • What were some of the results of your work and how did they help the company? 
  • Who at your company would speak well of you? 
  • What would your bosses say?
I know that it is very hard to find a job and just like me, when I was still in Dubai, I would rather apply internally for any new opening than venture out of the company. I guess one of the reasons was the hassle of having to submit requirements for a new working visa. This task is something that I am not very happy about (yes, so that is the reason why I stayed xx amount of years in my company... Kidding aside, I did like where my career path led me). Another reason, I think, more than the job were about the people that I have met and worked with on my tenure in the company. 

Hopefully, this will be helpful to people who scan through my blog :) I plan to keep this email as it has great insights and questions which can be of use when you are on a lookout for a job. 

Happy reading! 

Monday, January 25

How Trusting are You?

This question is actually posed to people who use online shopping sites to buy stuff that they want at a discounted price or getting deals to try out restaurants or hotels.

To be quite honest, I have been an avid supporter of websites that offer discounted deals like Groupon when we were still in the UAE. I would buy deals and surprise R with a sumptuous meal or at times, a blah meal.

Now that we have moved back to the mother country, I thought why not give these websites a try here. I am now subscribed to Deal Grocer, MetroDeal, CashCashPinoy and more (I just cannot let a good deal pass...).

Bright Lights in the Resto

We have dined at Greeka Kouzina from the Metrodeal website that I got and it was a great experience.
Satisfied customers
However some of my friends were not that 'lucky'. A friend of mine said that after paying off for the deal, they got the voucher a month after (this is frustrating especially since he is an OFW and usually when you see something, you want to get it. Now). Others say that there were undisclosed costs that they have to pay which was not mentioned in the deal (this I am unsure if it's the fault of the merchant or the website itself).

For shopping websites, I have only tried Lazada and they seem to be okay in terms of the product they sell and the delivery (though I had a not-so-good experience with the item we have delivered over the holiday season... worth another blog post).

With all these websites, I only get to buy stuff that are less Php 1,000 because at least in case something happens, I won't feel that bad (but of course, Php 1,000 is still big but you know you can recover from the loss :p).

What about you? What have you tried?

Friday, January 22

When I was Offline...

I don't know if you have been dropping by my blog often that you have seen me complain about the lappy for a few times (should I give it a name so it does not sound too general... teehee). At times, it becomes difficult to be separated from the blog (naks!) however because of my ordeal, I had to part ways with it for a while.

So instead of letting my mind be idle, I busied it (and my hands too) by learning how to bake! :) Ever since, I always wanted to bake. I like the smell of chocolate being cooked in the oven or the sweet aroma of banana... *sigh*

I really have started a love affair with my baking pans and is also slowly becoming best friends with my measuring cups and spoons. R is not jealous of course because he is usually the first person to taste of my concoctions (unsure though if he really likes it but from time to time, he would request for my cupcakes!).

How I wish I can show you all my finished products but I am still trying to find the perfect photo sharing site for me to use (now this will be on a different post).

This makes me excited to bake another batch of cupcakes or cookies! :P

Thursday, January 21


As I have posted last time, I have been missing out a few things on my online life and that includes reading articles about writing and how-tos (like improve your presence online, gripping stories and more).

I have been a follow of Poynter online. This website is a place where journalists and students can get useful resource materials about Journalism. They also have a sister website, NewsU that allows you to take a crash course about Journalism and they also have special courses from various resource person to discuss more about the subject and I guess give their first hand experience.

Hopefully I can now join more classes

With the lappy, still besting its previous performance, I am now able to read articles published in Poynter. Sweet. I know.

Not related to Poynter but just addressed to my lappy, I want to do jumping jacks and somersaults right now because of the way it's performing. I initially thought I had to replace it or just let it dust in the corner... I am wrong.

So, as I have said more of me (especially late posts!) online... Okay, I have to breath :p

N.B. image courtesy of 

Thursday, January 14

I'm back online... I think

So! The laptop was visited by my Apple doctor / friend and now, it's fixed! No pinwheel seen for the past few hours :) :D :)  ====> can you see the smileys? Yes, that is me smiling incessantly because of this very, very good news!

I hope this remains because I am waaaaaayyyy delayed for the things that I want to accomplish with the laptop. Yep, that would be:-

  • reading / catching up on friend's / people's blogs
  • do our expense tracker 
  • update my blog 
  • start working on an ebook 
... to name a few ;) 

This is a great Thursday!!!! :P