Monday, April 24

Teen Talk And The Opportunities For Them

The Holy Week weekend was jam-packed for us. R's friends, including their families, stayed in the house for the entire weekend. I was excited to see them because we don't really get a lot of visitors coming over to the house (since we are a bit far off from where everybody's based).

Unfortunately, I had to work since my clients do not recognize the Holy Week practice we have here in the Philippines (similar to when we were in Dubai but they were conscious and would allow us to leave early, if necessary). Come Friday, I was all geared up to spend time with our guests.

I think it was Friday evening when I had a chance to talk to the teenagers invited in the group mix. We were just chatting about random stuff and then I asked them what they want to pursue in college.

So, what did you want to be when you grow up?
One of them said, she wants to dip her hands on Information Technology. So, I ask her what is the specialization she wanted to concentrate on. She said, there is nothing in particular but she heard that this profession will yield a five to a six-digit salary which is why she wants to pursue it. Then the other one said, she wants to take up Tourism because similar to the first one, it's where the money is.

While I listen to them talk about which they think will make them earn a lot of money in the future, I felt a bit sad. I remember when I was a teenager, I always tell people I want to pursue Journalism or Communication Arts not because of the money but because I really like what I'd be doing after.

I wanted to write so I thought that it is the best course for me. I knew my parents wanted to convince me to take up Medicine or Law (I think) but they, later on, gave me a free hand on what I want to take up in college.

I am not sure if this line of thinking suggests that times are really hard these days. They had to forego what their dream jobs are because they need to find a suitable course that will give more financial security for the family.

How about you? Was that the same objective you had when you were choosing your course back in college or even now if you are still in college?