Saturday, March 22

The Beach

R and I had the chance to wake up early and head to the beach!!!

Yes! It has been in the plan for weeks months now but it never happens. I guess this time schedule permits for us to visit the beach and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!

There were a lot of people in the beach... I think it is because the weather was just right. We arrived at about 10am and managed to secure a nice spot. Since we were in a rush to head to the beach, we were not able to have breakfast so we ate there before joining the other beach goers.

The water was uberly cold!!! You just need to take the plunge because eventually you get used to the water's temperature. R and I watched people's reactions when they take a step to the water and it was hilarious!

The whole experience was calming and fun.

R and I usually go out to be in the malls so this was another welcoming adventure. We do go to the beach but this happens once a year? Hahaha! So when he told me that we will be back next week! I am sooooo thrilled!!!

I hope to be reunited with the waters soon :) 
It made me think if we will be going back to the Philippines, most of the beaches are in the outskirts. You need to travel for about 1-2 hours before reaching the beach gem! Here in Dubai, it can take about 30-45 minutes to reach the beach or like what we did, we took the bus and it took us about 45 minutes (including the waiting time) only. 

Now, I am back to my thinking cap about 'the' options :)... I know you will not understand my readers (if I have any) or maybe you do... just cannot reveal it yet.