Thursday, June 9

What's in your Kikay Kit?

I have been seeing a lot of Facebook articles and Instagram feeds of friends about what's in their beauty kits. I had to stop and ask myself, do I have one?

If my memory serves me right, I did get curious about astringents, lipsticks and blush on when I was in my tweens. Unfortunately for me, the internet was not a sensation just yet. We did not have all these YouTube videos giving you instructions on how you can have a "barely there" make-up or how to do those cat-like eye liners (I still can't perfect mine. Bummer).

Eventually, life went on and I got stuck with just using a pressed powder and lipstick. Lucky for me, I did not have any acne breakouts! It is convenient for me because I am always, always late for meetings even on coffee dates! So not having to worry if I am made up or not is not really a big deal for me.

Though when there are special events, like when my boss decided to get married, I usually go to a salon to have everything done - my hair and make-up. Easy peasy. *giggle*

I looked through my stuff and this is what I have in my beauty kit (or also known as kikay kit). My current fave, Maybelline White Superfresh Powder.

photo grabbed from
I have been using this for quite some time now. I saw this in one of the TV commercials and I think it was on an introductory price (Php 299). I like the fact that it does not make my face look oily after a few hours. 


It was extremely hot that night but no signs of me being oily teehee
Next item on my list is Happy Skin's crayon lippie. 

photo grabbed from Happy Skin's official website
This lippie really is a lip saver! Looking at the photo, it looks pale but when I have it on me, I think it blends well with my lips (just go back to proof photo, I was using the same lip crayon there). 

When I was still in Dubai, I would use a lip and cheek tint to serve as a blush on but now, since it's hot and humid here, I do not need to apply it. 

Oh! Lastly, this is my go-to scent. 

photo grabbed from Avon's website
This was actually a surprise for me. I knew Avon was selling perfumes and all but I did not expect to like their scent. I also do get a lot of compliment with this scent. Even my mom was surprised to know that the perfume I was using is from Avon. I think Zalora do have a whole page dedicated for Avon products. Click here to shop for Avon at ZALORA.

That is what's in my kikay kit. Surprised? Well, I don't really like bringing big bags so I try to minimise what's in my bag and just bring stuff that I really, really need. 

How about you? What's in your kikay kit? 

Hope you can write a post about it too so that I can see what's in your kit :)