Monday, August 1

Worklife is a piece a cake if...

You got a super supportive husband! =) 

When my husband said that we have to pack our bags to come back here in the Philippines, my first question in my head was, will I get work there? It took a while for me to adjust being a working girl to becoming a full-time housewife. 

I knew I was not born to just bake and cook so I thought of pursuing what I want to do and that is to write. I applied for writing gigs online hoping to just take it easy and work from home. 

Little did I know that working from home is no different when you work in an office. Since I was without work for a year, it took a while for me to get into the groove of things. I get so stressed with the deadlines and workload. It was a lot of pressure for me that I got sick on my first work week!

I knew I had to shake it off and my husband's sister recommended taking Fern-C as a vitamin supplement. Vitamin C? Hmm.. I am acidic so I was not really keen in drinking it until I found out that since it is not Ascorbic Acid but rather Sodium Ascorbate! I decided to give it a try and noticed a few changes after a week or so. I felt like I got an immunity boost. 

For a few months of taking Fern-C, I noticed that I am not sickly anymore. Also, my focus on my work is better though there are still days when I feel stressed especially when you are given a lot of articles to write. 

What I do is I plan my day ahead. I make a list of what I want to accomplish for the day so that I am focused to complete the task given to me. Since I work from home, my source of inspiration is just nearby, my husband. If I feel too stressed and would want to have a bit of a time-out. I will just ask him for a "power hug" and I feel energized again. 

My ever supportive husband!
Weird as it may but it really boost my energy level from zero to full charged. Of course, any kind of power hug will not protect your body from pollutants and bacteria lurking in or outside your home which is why I have Fern-C to thank on that. 

Hope you can try out Fern-C today because Worklife ay Easy with Fern-C! I am a testament to that and I can say talagang subok na

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