Saturday, January 12


As per my last post, I am still working on my goals.

I still have not got any.

I know the month is about to end and I need to write them down to set some goals to myself and at the same time write about my faith goals too (what I want and believe that God will do for me and my family).

Lately, I have been having a lot of moments where I try not to think.... not sure if that was really to lessen the excess baggage (emotional and physical) or I am just pre-occupied with a particular event that will happen really soon.

I think my mind is all over the place. The pros and cons of this decision... the things that we need to accomplish - part of which is the renovations to be done in our house in Manila.

A lot... yes, a lot in my head.

I need to write them down to clear my head... but till this moment when I have everything I need with me - pen and notebook... even my laptop... I still can't write it.

How about you? Have you set your goals? What you would want to achieve? Maybe you can share some with me? :)