Wednesday, January 2

New Year

We have done one of our first on the last day of 2012, we (meaning R and I) have decided to spend it with our friends.

Usually for the holiday season, we like spending it just the two of us. Not sure if this was because we talk about the events that has happen to us in the past (some of them hurt us, some made us happy and some made us ponder) or we just like to be on our own (I know we have to work on our social skills :P).

Anyways, spending New Year's eve with friends made me realise how lucky we are with them. We have known them for the longest time (almost a decade) and yet when we meet them, it still is like old times. We laugh, reminisce, laugh and then look forward to something.

I think the reason for this bond is because we do not have any qualms about the group. No bad blood, like what they usually say.  This is one of the best groups that we have hung out with and will surely be missed when we decide to go home...

Now... I need to work on my goals for this 2013... what about you? Have you got any?