Sunday, September 1

Best and Worst Cities to Live 2013

(link and story can be found here

I was browsing through my emails and saw the link about the Best and Worst Cities to Live for 2013.  What I have noticed is most of them are places in Canada and Australia. 

Initially, hooray because my brother is living on the city that holds the 3rd spot (Vancouver, Canada). My brother and his entire family landed in Canada a couple of months ago. They are still on the "adjusting period" and I am glad that they are able to connect with some relatives and friends way back in high school (God really has His ways doesn't he?). 

I just noticed that there was no explanation on what were the criteria for recognising them as the best and worst cities to live in. 

Looking at the worst cities, it seems the criteria was based on the current situations the cities have right now. 

Now, I wonder when will the cities of the Philippines take one of the Top 10 spot? =)