Saturday, September 21


I saw this online article about Calidad Humana which was started our by Chilean ambassador to Manila Roberto Mayorga and his wife Paulina.

They have been inspired by our smiles, the Filipino smile and have decided to use this element or characteristic of ours to promote our country and our people.

(video grabbed from youtube, Smiles for the World AVP)

This does mean a lot. 

Weird as it may sound but we, Filipinos, do know how to make the most of what we have. OFWs here in Dubai will always have a sad story to tell about how they got here but still they do not lose hope that there is still something in store for them... for their future and their families. 

No need to dwell on the past 
This is usually what Filipinos would say. Since Dubai is a melting pot of different nationalities, a lot of them are amazed with how the Filipinos cope with almost everything - from their core family up to their extended families and sometimes, make-up families (like friends, friends of friends, etc).

I guess, it is because we always have the "never give up" attitude. Always knowing deep in our hearts that all of the hardships will bring fruit... we just don't know it yet.

So for you, my reader(s), SMILE... :)

To read more about Calidad Humana (click on this link).