Saturday, November 23

Risk Taker

Awhile ago, I was watching Tim Turner's video (who is called the Maverick Man) at CNN. The clip below was not what I have watched but I just wanted you to have an idea of who he is.

(from youtube)

He seems to have a vision and he works on getting that goal. 

A risk taker and definitely a go-getter! Imagine, the first time he heard that Jane Fonda signed the divorce papers of her then husband, he immediately gave her a call and asked her for a date! 

While watching this documentary about him, I asked myself if I at least have a bit of his vision. Looking back, I think I only have 1% of his risk taking attitude and that is when I followed my heart to be with the man of my dreams (my husband!). 

Hmmm... or maybe add 4% more on that because I decided to start a business opportunity (can't really tell it right now... or never at all! bwahahaha!). 

Okay, kidding aside, I asked myself when I was watching his documentary if I did have a vision of what my life will be (now, it's our life since we're married). 

... silence... 

I guess I have been following the current of the river called Life, the day to day events as they come our way. In other words, things have been easy. There may be a bit of rocky areas but still there was more smooth sailing days. 

R, I think, sees this which is why he does not burst my good bubble by pushing through with "the plan" but I know it is of our best interest to go for the plunge... which should be soon! 

Am I a risk taker? No but I think I am married to a visionary and like a river, he leads to smooth sailing days... always :)