Saturday, November 30

Favoured and Blessed

I went to hear the Victory church service today and was totally moved by one of the inspirational song that the Praise and Worship team sang.

This is the entire lyrics of the song.

Planetshakers - Favoured Lyrics

Artist: Planetshakers
Genre: Christian
You?re my Saviour, You?re my Healer 
You?re everything I need
You?re my comfort, You?re my best friend 
Forever You will reign 

You are high and lifted up
And Your Kingdom will have no end

I am favoured I am blessed
By the cross, and the blood that was shed
I am favoured I am blessed
I can do all things, because of what You?ve done for me

Nothing is impossible for those that believe
Nothing is to difficult for our God
Nothing is impossible for those that believe
I believe, I believe in You


I am moved by this song because I have been asking him my "whys" and telling him a lot of "it's unfair" but never really see what He has given me.

This song brought me back and snapped me back to reality that I am favoured and blessed. God not giving me what I asked for does not mean he has forgotten my other needs.

It is sometimes difficult to accept when we are not given what we wanted that we tend to forget what is being given to us without even asking for it... Ironic isn't it?

So, I thank you God for letting me know that you have not forgotten me and is working at me... preparing me for the promise that He has in store for me.

I know this is not the right time to be selfish but instead be selfless most especially because of the turn of events that has happened in the Philippines - the scam, the civil unrest, the earthquake and the typhoon - all happened I think a few weeks apart.

I hope people who were affected by all of the natural disasters will be able to stand up again and I know they will because they have God on their side :)

(from youtube)