Friday, December 6

Bank Mishaps

Note: Pardon my post, this is just me letting out my irritation on how a prestigious bank like CITIBANK handles the queries of their customers

I didn't really want to write anything about this but my frustration is boiling up that I need to let it out (well, initially, I did that in Facebook)!

I have been a loyal customer for Citibank here in Dubai. When I started out in my first company, they were the first bank who offered to give me a credit card (circa 2003). It was like a gift as I never had a credit card back in the Philippines.

Tempting and it does bite back, over the past few years, I have managed to understand what the credit card is used for.

During those times, I was able to purchase items that are not within my budget, things I want and things that we need. I was also able to understand how the "reward" system works with Citibank and was able to get a few good deals in doing so.

I was able to read in one of the CitiLife Rewards newsletter that I can use my CitiRewards for my annual fee. Since I keep on forgetting to do that, I have made a decision that when this comes up again, I will pursue in using my rewards.

I have enquired and given calls through Citibank's agents. I made about two calls making sure that this is done --------------- wow! only to find out that not only was I MISINFORMED I was also charged with other bank charges.

I made another call only complaining about this (which I am truly sorry for the 3rd agent I spoke with but you can never really avoid having this type of emotions most especially when you have been reassured that this will be dealt with). I guess the 3rd agent can not defend who I spoke with before and can only apologise that I was MISINFORMED.

As I have said, I will understand if outright, someone told me NO, it's not possible but giving you the reassurance this is being dealt with just shows how valuable their customers are --- NOT!

I know we have used the credit card and I know that the annual life is something that I have agreed with the bank and have rightfully paid for the past 9 years but I just want to be clear that this might just be a hundred dirhams only but this is hard earned money I am paying the bank.

The money that I have worked hard for and we do not have a money tree on standby to grow and water. Everything has been hard earned and I was expecting, being a prestigious bank and have consistently been bragging of being one of the best that they do not or they failed to educate their agents properly.

As I have mentioned, I have been a customer since 2003/2004 and this is the service that we get for being loyal customers? I also don't know if maybe because I am not a person in power or authority to demand an explanation.

I thought that we, as customers are always right? In a customer-oriented industry where feedbacks and proper information is important, you have failed miserably CITIBANK.

I do not know where this opinion of mine will go or if it will even reach that agent who has MISINFORMED me but I hope the next time someone calls, do your job well. Be honest if you do not have an answer and I would have appreciate if you have asked me to call back and check again.

Boohoo!!! :(:(:(

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