Friday, January 31


I was just browsing through my emails when I stumbled upon HomeDesign's newsletter.

Their feature on the newsletter was all about bedrooms... and being a wife who always wants to have a peaceful bedroom, this definitely caught my attention.

You see, R is a light sleeper which at times turn into an insomniac :( He has difficulty sleeping. We have tried various stuff (vitamins for him to sleep, melatonin pills, sleeping pills, milk with honey, etc) so as to cure this. It would work for say 1-2 tries and then after that, we go back to the same problem :(

From our room, I think about 3 to 5 years ago, we painted our room ocean blue. I liked it because of the calmness that it brings into the room while R likes it because he feels the colour lulls him to sleep!

I talked to him about it and we have discussed changing our room colour to ocean blue so that he can rest well and for the calm feeling to remain (being that will be our resting / nesting place).

I guess that is enough background about this newsletter! :p

I like this room because it definitely spells cozy!!! The browns and a touch of green gives you a feel of nature in your room. The colours are not that loud and there is still enough natural light that comes in to your room. I like the LED lights beneath the shelves because it already serves as night lamps for us both (me in particular since I do like reading and right now, we do not have night lamps). 

This is my second option

Again, I am lured to take the brown/ earth tones because I think this is what a room should be. Calm and relaxing. I also like the fact that outside, they have a small breakfast/ nook area where you can just type away or chill...

This I might discuss with R since we do have a small space where we can extend our room and maybe come up with this design. Not sure though if this is possible but it will be nice to have a space like this in your room. I think if given the chance to choose over a walk-in closet or this nook, I will definitely go for this one!! :) 

Check out Home Designs website to get more inspiration on what you can do to the spaces of your house. 

Note: All photos were taken from Home Design's website