Wednesday, January 1

On New Year Resolutions and Goal Setting

Today is the first day of 2014 and I am writing a post!!! Hahahha...! Well, to be honest, R and I didn't go out and painted the town red because they were not given any day off (boo! I know)... reason is the malls have been jam-packed because of the holiday season... oh well, the holidays are over but here comes the Dubai Shopping Festival and just like that, the bad schedule continues :(

Yes, I want to cry but hey, this (I guess) is far better than him being miles away from me. At least I still get to see, hug and kiss him if I want to (I just need to sleep late and wake up early!!).

So... this is the first day and I come to think about resolutions or goal setting for this year. I saw a friend post in Facebook regarding goals

(grabbed from my friend, MJ Ces)

I admitted to him that I am not setting any goals... not sure why but for the past years, I have been aiming on finishing the payment for our house in Manila... and now that it's finished, I keep asking myself - what's next? 

Usually, I make resolutions and stuff that I am thankful for... but never about goals. I am not sure if this is because I don't know how to conquer failure or rejection. This feeling is something that I try to deal with most of the time and if I can, I try to avoid it (hahha!). 

Though thinking about it, I need to have goals not to show off but more of to keep me focus for the year. 

Hmmm... now, let me go and write them down ;-) 

Happy New Year!!