Saturday, June 14

Lazy Me!

This has been my outlook for the past few... weeks months.

I always attribute it to the fact that I have been sick for the past few months (well... it was on and off) and the fact that the lazy weather (aka summer) has been creeping in slowly that I am not moving that much (translation: it's only my fingers who are the most active... by browsing online through my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more... if it's not that, it occupies its time browsing through channels on the telly).

The fact that I am sick is true.

I have been having colds that take forever to heal. I do not want to admit to myself that maybe the "age" is catching up you know but then again, I am trying my best to eat healthy (however does not do anything in terms of enhancing the body i.e. exercise).

Friends have been telling me that I have been sick most of the time they try to get hold of me and I, too, wonder why. R and I have been trying to research why am I getting sick most of the time. I don't think it's because of my inability to exercise because I am really not a 'gym' kind of person. So what we did was we kept on looking for sources e.g. we looked for molds because last time my ex-roommate and I were sick for about 2-3 weeks only to find out that our room was beginning to be moldy (kind of).

Molds out of the list.

Aside from that, I have also taken vitamins again to give my body the nutrients that it needs.

As I have said also, the summer season is coming!!!! It is here!!!! I love the sun but not this kind of sun exposure.

Though I have to say, it should have started in the month of May but the summer season is just about to start because during the night, you can still walk around and still feel a light breeze.

Not really sure why I am struck by this sickness (i.e. having a lazy attitude) when I have a thousand things to do --- one of the major thing is to start packing things up!!!

The D-day is very close to happening and I only managed to ship out one box... uh huh... just one box.

I hope this feeling goes off really soon... including my cold and cough so that I can concentrate on the important stuff...

Now, let me get back to my tea ;)