Tuesday, July 29

Series Addict (an uberly late post!)

Now that I am slowly regaining my strength by eating the right amount of food (meaning no diets!) and drinking vitamins, I have converted myself into a series addict!

June 29 was the start of Ramadan here in Dubai and usually, this means that the working hours are now shorter (6 hours to be exact). We were given the 8am to 2pm stint and that means I am usually home by 3pm.

At first, I was thinking of something to do and fell asleep!! The second time I tried, I again fell asleep so I thought to myself, what should I do so I do not fall into this "routine"

Watch TV series

I have been watching a lot of television during weekends but do not really follow any series in particular. I said to myself, I do not want to be hooked however I weighed my options if I want to sleep throughout the afternoon or try to keep busy. I guess that was the reason I decided watching a TV series instead.

Now, I am more than addicted to watching this TV series, Bones.

(photo grabbed from Episode Generator)

This is a series about a forensic anthropologist and an FBI agent who solves crimes using what's left of the human remains, bones.

I like the series because it gives me a taste of the world of anthropology and a crime scene. I have been very fond of CSI so I guess this is just one of them however, the twist on this series is that they are also intertwined. Aside from the bones that they look at, their personal lives are also being discussed here to which I think this series evolves in the perfect subject --- LOVE.

I am still in Season 2 but I do sense chemistry on the two main lead characters, Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth.

A friend in the office said that she thinks they hooked up in real life and I had to check (not so sure if I am just a sucker for romance but I was really hoping they ended up in real life as well). Turns out, they are not husband and wives but are just co-workers.

Though most of the crimes are solved, they inject a lot of different topics in each episode like how Booth is a devout Catholic while Brennan is all about science. I thought this was just a one-off topic but it's not. Now, I am interested to know how this kind of faith rubs to Brennan since she always needs to have a rational explanation and does not believe in God.

Aside from that, it also gives me a picture of various types of American families on how they live their lives - individually or together.

Okay, I think I am being absorbed by their world on how I write this blog but I really find the series exciting. There are still hundreds of episodes that I need to watch and I am amazed how time pass by watching this.

I will let this series devour my time until the end of Ramadan which is two weeks away... better go back to my series!! :)