Tuesday, October 21

The Weather

is something that I/ we need to get used to.

Yes, Dubai is known for it's extreme weather and when we left that city, it was still the dry season. Fortunately there, the electricity charge is not as exorbitant as it is here in Manila.

In Dubai, you can still enjoy the cool breeze of the air conditioner if the condition persists. Apart from that, it is the heat that is your enemy. Unlike here in the Philippines, you need to think a thousand (yes, a thousand times) before switching on the air conditioner (or is it just us being stingy?). More than the heat, it's the humidity that I think is causing a concern for me and R. That sticky feeling, you know (yes, that's the one).

Now it really makes me get very scared when the summer season kicks in.

I need to find alternatives to stay cool under the summer heat in the Philippines.

Mr. Sun