Sunday, October 12

And so here we are...

It has been two weeks since we have moved back here.... yep, in the Philippines.

We were welcomed by traffic, endless sweat and nonstop rain! Hahaha but overall, it was a fun welcome most especially since I get to see my family (mom, dad and sissy).

Until this moment, I do not have any strange feeling about the decision that we have made. Friends have said (or actually analyzed) that it is probably because I still feel that this is a vacation.

I think so too...

I don't feel any fear to be quite honest. I am not sure why but it's like my doubts about how the financial aspect will turn out seems to be a distant issue now. It felt like the Almighty has given me the peace of mind regarding this decision.

I am still in touch with my friends and colleagues at work back in Dubai but have not touched base with my friends here in Manila. Not that I do not want to see them (of course, I do!). It is just that I want to savor this moment with R. I feel that finally, we are building our own home and not just a temporary one.

We get to decide where to put what. To let you in a secret (sort of), I think we still try to put everything in our room! I guess it is because in Dubai, we only have a room for ourselves (except for kitchen items, of course). Slowly, we now make use of the other areas in the house!

Our house is slowly becoming a home... though we still have a lot of stuff coming in the next few months (5 boxes!!)

I just have to say, it is hard to pack everything up and close a decade of your life in another country.... because you do not only temporarily close it but you have to familiarise yourself with what is in front of you, what is in store for you in the place you are in.

Slowly, we will get there but for now, I enjoy the peace (though at times, the bickering!!) our home brings :)