Monday, February 9

At WAR (kind of) with my laptop :S

Yes, I am having a hard time with my laptop right now.

I don't know if a lot of Apple users have been experiencing this but I am racking my brains out on what to do with the pinwheel.

Can you see the pinwheel?

Yes, the annoying pinwheel that has been making my online life a wee bit miserable. It is difficult to work on something when you see this object. Also, when you are trying to go fast because you are already late... the darn pinwheel just keeps taking it sweet time.

A friend of mine, an Apple fan, said that I should install Firefox because Safari kind of get's lola (like a granny) when you open up a lot of tabs. I looked at my Safari tabs and said, yep! that is what's happening to me.

photo grabbed from

So right now, I am using Firefox rather than Safari (I actually did not want to at first because I have been using Safari for sometime now and I do like it except this time, when Ms. Pinwheel keeps appearing). I have to say, the cameo appearance has been less frequent.

Apart from that, I also installed Ghostery. It is an extension or plug-in for Firefox that blocks windows that keeps popping up. You have the ability to block it or not which is cool for me because I now know which of these ads are making me suffer (boo!)

I guess, right now, my laptop and I are on a cease-fire. I hope it stays that way because I end up with a lot of backlog that I need to work on the laptop.

**Sorry for the rant but it is really annoying when you have your thoughts flowing and you have to wait for the pinwheel to disappear to write.... after all that waiting, I sometimes end up forgetting what I need to do in the end which is really a bummer!