Thursday, January 29

Cookbooks and the Pocket App

I remember blogging about my ever-reliable Pocket app (I feel the same dependency with my Evernote app) here before.

I love that I am able to save recipes and articles found in the web or through Facebook. You see, the reason I have been collecting recipes is because I want to be a cook or a baker and start my own business.

There I said it.

If my online writing stint will fail me, my next career or business move is to be a baker. I know I am not artsy when it comes to cake decorations and all but I am hoping that I get to bring more of the quality to the product that I will be making.

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With this, I collect recipes however it is not only the baking recipes that I have but also the "ulam" kind (main course). You know being married does that to you, I think. Everytime I whoop up a dish and R says he likes it, I am in Cloud 9. Of course I go one level up from the Cloud 9 feeling if he, out of the blue, asks me to do the dish again (I think he has only asked me to do that twice so it is beginning to be a challenge for me).

You see, R is also a cook and mind you, he does cook well (I am not being biased). Friends and family would rave of his Bulalo, his Sinigang na Salmon and his Binagoongan. Yes, I remember those dishes so well because I love them too. I am not sure if I sound like his marketer or campaign manager but they do love it.

I am waiting for my oven to arrive (courtesy of my good friends in Dubai - thanks guys!) and when it finally comes, I hope that all the recipes I have saved will be put to good use and that I will also be able to use the cookbooks that was given to me by my flatmates in Dubai.

I am getting excited!