Thursday, July 2

So how do you transition?

This tech world has people cramming into getting devices that they 'think' they need - yep! I raise my hand because I am guilty of this too.
I have a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop.

When I am on my smartphone, I browse through pictures most of the time (via Instagram) because it does not strain my eyes, read tweets and scan through email (if there's anything that I need to answer, etc).

Once I start getting in depth with my emails or my tweet readings, I switch to my tablet simply because it has a bigger screen and the size of the text does not make my eyes go tired easily. However when I want to respond to an email or browse through websites that I want to read, I transition to the laptop.

I think this is because I type faster when I am in front of a keyboard and can also easily maneuver Safari or Opera better when I have an actual mouse pad and keyboard to use.

At the end of the day, I don't get anything done (unless it's super super important) because of this transitions that I do. I wonder how to sort this out so that we can have a scheme. I end up having half-baked attempts on things to do and then end up transferring a file to another (I know the 'cloud' device was invented but I am still trying to avoid using it by going through a 3rd party which in the tech world is called an app).

How about you? How do you transition or do you let each device specifically do a task for you?