Wednesday, July 22

A family of two

I have been observing the blogging / online world for a few months now and I realized that most of the launch that I have seen are for moms - be it first-time moms, moms of twins, super mom, second mom, work-at-home moms and more.

I admire the launches that I have seen because now, I feel that mothers are being properly celebrated for raising their children, making sure that their needs are met. There is even an online group of mommies who support one another, by giving out suggestions from what they read or based on their experience - if what they are doing is good for their child or not.

However, I notice, there isn't any blog or group that celebrates women who are just wives for now - no children as of yet. I do not know if this group falls under being a career woman?

I mean have you read an article or a blog about a wife being praised for a good meal? Or any advise being given to a newly married woman about what are the do's and don'ts when you do the laundry or when you go to the wet market?

Probably there is that unspoken rule wherein married couples need to jump to the next step almost immediately - to have a baby.

This can be a rant for some people who knows me but to be honest, I thought of writing this blog as my way of just "thinking out loud" and I guess wanting to know if there is someone or anyone from the other side of the world who agrees with me about this.

I know a family of two is only a stage of beginnings (when you are just starting out a family) and on the near endings (when the kids have all moved out and have their own lives to live) but while the transition takes place, I wonder if women in this stage (like me) needs or wants to have a group to be there for them - to hold their hand when the first steak they have cooked was as hard as a rock or when they thought they were pregnant but it was a false alarm and so many life stages that will be experienced while in the family of two.

The answer can be that the other hand that holds you is your husband but is an outside support / perspective also valid in this instance?

I wonder.