Tuesday, August 25

Do you...

use your blog to gain revenue?

I do... or I think it's better to say that I try.

Yeap, I have linked my blog to generate revenue via Google Adsense and Nuffnang. It must be me... because when I have checked both accounts, I do not have enough to celebrate with a Mcdo meal (yes, even with the cheapest one or the kiddie meal).

Another reason can probably be because I am not that familiar with SEO writing. Yes, I should read more about it but I haven't done that yet - why? I don't know... (saying that makes me feel I am not really that productive)... wait! I know!! It's because I am being called by my oven to bake! I will try and post my products soon!

So, it's my fault.

I hope... I hope I can turn things around ;-)