Monday, November 16

The Laptop and Me

After months of complaining and tinkering the Laptop, I have decided to do a clean install and bring it back to its original Operating System, the Mountain Lion. I made the decision to do this because the Laptop is not making me be productive as I want to be.

I searched the internet on how to do a clean install for the Laptop and found this link. It was easy to follow however impatient me kept creeping out during this clean install that I actually almost thought I broke the Laptop.

Eventually, I found another link giving me an assurance that I have not made a complete booboo of the clean install. Rather than staring out on the world icon to keep on turning, I decided to pester the husband instead (fortunately, he was in a good mood that we kind of goofed around).

I think overall, it took most of my afternoon for the entire process to be completed and most of the mornings the next day because it has asked me to update some components.

Overall, right now, I am a bit satisfied of the outcome of this clean install though I am still a bit irritated that the "ever-persistent" pinwheel still creeps up from time to time. Though I am intrigued if this related to the speed of the internet we currently have (note: I think 3mbps is like 512kbps now, sad). So apart from the clean install, I have also placed myself / my working area close to where our router is located.

Right now, I am typing up this blog here at our dining table and I seem to be doing well (nope, not irritated).

I hope this will continue so that I can again resume looking for online opportunities these coming days.