Thursday, November 5

Have you been SCAMMED?

There are different types of scammers in the whole world. I cannot enumerate them all but it's really frustrating when you encounter one.

I am always vocal about wanting to find work online, which is why I use Elance and oDesk (now merged and turned into Upwork). There are times (most of the time for me, unfortunately) when you cannot find a decent work from their job feed or if you do find one, expect hundreds of applicants vying for the same job!


I know this is also the case for the 'real world' but it is more annoying when you encounter a website that promises to deliver / pay up just as long as you follow their instructions.

I did that with Vacant Survey.

Screenshot of their website

Since this is something new to me, I did research and see if there were any reports of online scams from this website, they don't have one. Though I did see people posting blogs or reviews saying that they are still waiting for their payout to be released so I was really hopeful that the website is legit.

Days went by and I would always try to log on to the website and browse through their surveys and make sure that I answer it as truthfully as I can. Also, I am motivated that I am close to the payout amount ($1500).

The day came when I requested for my payout. I was so excited to the point that I have even influenced one of my friends to try it out (however he declined and said he will wait for the payout to be processed to know that I have not wasted my time).

My request for payout was close to the date as to when they release their funds to their users so I actually said to myself that mine might not happen that month of August but most probably September.

I waited. No payout.

September came but still no payout. So I guess this means that I have been p*nked, scammed, or whatever you want to call it.

My friend did warn me about it saying that no one gives out $1500 for answering surveys but who was I to know? Their website keeps updating the payment that they have processed for their users so why won't I believe it?

Oh well... another lesson learned for me. Thankfully, I did not have to shell out money for any kind of membership.