Tuesday, December 8

Missed Out

Sadly with all issues relating to the Laptop (see previous post here), I have missed out on a lot of online giveaways / contests starting out with Nuffnang's various online promotions. I feel sad that I was not able to join the Merry SM Christmas this year and also their Fern-C contest :(

I have not been using the Laptop unless there is something that I really, really need to do which cannot be done on my phone or the tablet.

However, not all the 'dead' time with the Laptop was put to waste. In fact, the times that we are not together, I got a breather from recording our expenses (whew! Yes, I have chilled a bit about this) and also got the chance to spend time with R.

Had the time to put up the Christmas tree 

We also bought our first ever selfie stick!

We went for a night out!
At the middle of the long weekend, we had a spur of the moment idea to visit the house that we have been building down south. We know we have to start thinking on how we should design the house that will suit our lifestyle.

Also, I had more time with the babies (aka my doggies) and gave them the attention they need so… I guess you can say I might have missed out on my online life but was definitely very active on the physical aspect of life (if I may say).

Unfortunately, we do not have any decent photos to document this (probably next time, we should).

It felt good and different especially if you got used to being 'more present' online than the real world (weird isn't it, I know).

So, here's to the balance in my life ;)