Friday, February 26

What's your Cravings?

Have you had one? I don't think cravings are only related to pregnant women. I mean anyone can have one right?

I think whenever I'm about to get my monthly flow, I always crave for something sweet and salty (weird right?).

Well, Chrissy Teigen, the beautiful wife of the famous singer John Legend has authored a book to satisfy the cravings that you might want to satisfy.

I have been a follower of her Instagram account and I can see that she really loves to cook. I know she is still human after all but a model who can cook? That's a keeper right? :) 

I have seen videos of her and her mom or her and John preparing meals for their friends or family. I think there's a recipe or two that she has posted on her website that I want to create on my own kitchen. 

There was a video or a photo post in her IG feed that she is testing recipes with her mom for this cookbook. Thanks to Amazon, I am able to browse a few pages of Chrissy's cookbook and I am intrigued to cook these dishes myself. 

Amazon have both the Kindle and hardbound edition. 

I will save up for this but will most probably get the Kindle edition because I am not sure Chrissy will have a worldwide signing tour for her cookbook. What do you think?