Thursday, February 25

Which team are you?

R and I have been coffee lovers ever since. The weather in Dubai gave us the opportunity to enjoy a cup or two, most especially when the winter season comes. There is no doubt as to why cafes in Dubai are a hit (even during summer)! 

Here in the Philippines, though we are a tropical country, I have seen a lot of people hang at coffeeshops for most of the day - rain or shine. This actually kind of surprised me because I can see that most of the people head to coffeeshops more than the restaurants! Anyways, I digress. 

A cuppa with my then fave pastry, apple fritter

I stumbled upon this post from Rowena's blog regarding Starbucks creating an online buzz by making their customers vote which flavour of macchiato do they prefer - Team Roasted Caramel or Team Chocolate Hazelnut. 

According to Starbuck's website, their roasted caramel macchiato has a rich caramel taste and its of course topped with roasted caramel drizzle as for their chocolate hazelnut macchiato, the drink is incorporated with a delicious hazelnut flavour with a chocolatey nutty drizzle. Both drinks have the top quality espresso from the Starbucks brand with velvety steamed milk to complete the drink. 

They are letting their patrons vote till the 4th of March. After tabulating which is the coveted drink of their customers, the coffee franchise will celebrate this by introducing a buy 1 take 1 offer on the 7th of March for all their customers in the Philippines. 

I am not going to mention what drink I voted for but I know it will go well with Starbuck's cinnamon sticky bun (heaven for me) and my latest discovery (thanks to my good friend, Carlo), their calamansi cheesecake. 

Go and vote! :)  

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