Sunday, February 12

It's The Weekend Woohoo... Hopefully More Baking!

I thought I'd never say those words again (LOL)! When we came home from the desert, my days were always like the weekends. Waking up late because there's nothing that I need to rush about. Browse and browse my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. I think I had that kind of routine for the past 18 months. 

I got bored so I decided, I should start a new hobby. Well, I always had a hobby and that was baking. When we were in Dubai, I would always bake something for the hubby or just for me. The satisfaction of having something accomplished over the weekend jolts my body and sustains my energy until the next weekend.

Not all baking stories were a success. Back then, it was really mostly fails (except for my brownies!). I think it was because I could not comprehend the oven I was using then (yep, when you share a flat with other people, you need to adjust with the stuff available :D). 

Here in the Philippines, I studied my equipment well i.e. my oven. I made sure I understand how it works. Luckily or should I say, thankfully, I got it and was able to produce yummy dishes. 

But that's just half of what I want to say... I just want to say, I love saying "Woohoo, it's the weekend!" because I guess I still want to keep myself busy. I am still looking for ways or means that will make me busy and at the same love what I'm doing. 

My writing stint is now finally achieved (thanks to people over the internet)! I do want to give focus on my baking stint. I wonder how can I do that. By the way, here are some of my dishes and incase, I did make you drool, my Instagram handle is sugarnherb and I do have a Facebook page too! 

Ready to take orders online :) 

Source: Facebook/SugarnHerb