Monday, February 6

When Life Gives You Lemons....

Not me but it shows what I feel right now
Our semi-retirement life (yep, that's what we've been described as here) had been jolted for the past year. You see, I thought we had it all figured out. Investments there, careful spending here and so on. 

Unfortunately, the high-risk investment(s) where we have put our savings into is... well, on hold. A few friends who will read / reading this blog will be surprised. I am not the kind of person who puts all our monies in one pot. I guess the promise of good returns kind of blinded me. 

I have banked our five-year plan around those investments. With all those on hold, we are too. Unfortunately, the expenses even though we try to discuss and negotiate will never stop. Unless of course, we decide to live in an area where basic commodities are not needed. 

There is still no word on when the investment will be back up again. So right now, thankfully when the world threw us lemons, I was able to get something going online. I am beyond relieved that we can pay our bills and whatnot. Careful spending is still in the equation but we can, from time to time, put a few wants in the basket. 

A friend gave me a eureka moment. She told me to not let a wrong decision eat me up. She's right. It felt like a nudge from the Supreme Being that I should not worry. Rather, I need to use my time and my abilities in a way that can help us and start making some lemonade. 

I am truly grateful for friends whom you don't need to tell the whole situation and they get it. They don't want you to wallow on your problems but rather fight it head on. I hope that as I write this and my confidence is slowly building up, I pray that it gets sustained until the time our financial woes are sorted.  

Source: Twitter / Levi Hastings