Saturday, December 22

Sandy Hook Tragedy

I am a bad journalist!! :( 

I overheard from a work colleague about the Sandy Hook tragedy. It did not really ring a bell to me because of the fact that I am already used to hearing shooting incidents in the US so this was I thought "one of those" usual situations. 

The day went as normal and so were the other days. However, one day, when I switched the television on and was browsing through the channels, I stopped and watched CNN's breaking news and there I saw the news clip about Sandy Hook. 

I was shocked that the ones who died were children. 



Looking forward on their future. 

All of a sudden, their lives ended... just like that. 

I saw posts from friends who lives in the US about the painful incident. 

I read through a personal account of one of the local news reporter here. Shannon has recounted how she has managed to capture the image... the photo that has captured the situation and the expression from the children's faces. 

I still do not know the whole story behind it.... but I feel for the parents who have lost their child or children due to this shooting incident. 

I know that no words can comfort these parents for the lives lost but I hope that they will be able to move on and face the present, one day at a time. 

(photo grabbed from wikipedia)