Sunday, December 16

41st UAE National Day

December 2 - United Arab Emirates celebrated their 41st National Day. Various activities were coordinated by both the private and public sectors.

Apart from that, different shopping malls have their own "gimmicks" on how they can attract the people to visit their malls. One of my work colleague informed me that there is a parade that took place in Dubai Mall wherein the kids from various schools requested their students to dress up as Emiratis for the parade.

As per my last post, we decided to have breakfast in Ikea since our friend (Mitch) needed to go back to the office so she can do some last minute tasks in the office (which in the end did not happen! :p).

This was one of my favorite holidays because R was able to come with us since it was his day off (more holidays like this please!!).

When we reached Ikea, my oh my! There were a lot of people in Ikea @ DFC! Long queues of people waiting to eat breakfast! Good thing, Mitch's friends were able to save us seats!

In celebration of the National Day, Ikea had these cakes made and were sold to the public (Carrot Cake with the UAE Flag as frosting! Yummy!)

(grabbed from Mean's Facebook account)
After our brunch, we were determined to have a stroll at Dubai Festival City to enjoy the remainder of the day. So what else can you do inside the mall? SHOPPING! 

Got myself a pair of jeans and a few tops! :) R on the other hand didn't want to buy anything (or he was not in the mood). 

We finally ended it with dinner at Black Canyon :)