Friday, March 1

Reading the news

How do you get your latest news feeds? Is it by reading the paper online? Holding a the latest edition of the newspaper or do you rely in Twitter like I do?

I don't know if you can consider me as a "person on the go" but I am always out and about of my seat. Lunch break is all about the whats and whys in the office so reading the news has never been part of my daily routine however when people tweet about them, that is the time I get curious.

I read the tweets and at the same time, try searching this online.

That's my news and I feel guilty because while I am subscribed to newsletters telling me the highlights, I still do not consider it as one.

Weird ain't it.

I just noticed that while I was purging my emails in Yahoo, I have a lot of unread newsletters from, my go-to for news bits and more. I am not sure if this is because I am not interested in what's happening with the Gulf (a lot of times, my manager would give me tidbits of what's happening around the globe and my look "priceless" --- because I'm totally clueless!) or I am just busy about my own thoughts.

I am now making the executive decision to unsubscribe and urge myself to read more - be it local or foreign.

Being a citizen of the world, I think we should all make it a habit to watch / read / listen to the news. I know it's not really one of the happiest things to do but it should be done.

I hope to become more active in doing so --- there! another goal for 2013! :)

What about you? How updated are you? Hope to hear from someone... anyone?

- Moi -