Saturday, March 30


I just got back from a post birthday celebration cum shopping spree with my friends today.

We went to Mirdiff City Centre for some shopping catch up and also to scout for the gadgets that we can buy for the upcoming Gitex Shoppers.

A first in the UAE as usually Gitex happens during the month of October.

This event will be held for a few days (April 3 to 6).

Now going back to shopping, I am just impressed with girls who do not need to fit the clothes they buy because they are soooo sure that it will fit them.

As for me, I always, always need to fit. It is because my size varies from different stores. I can be a medium in some stores and a large (ack!) in others.

I just had this thought because I had to wait for a very long queue to fit tank tops! Imagine that!! I sooo wanted to fit them in one of the corners of Forever 21 but I hesitated because well, it is not appropriate.

In the end, I waited and fitted the tops. They were perfect so I ended up buying four! :)

Pics? Cannot do so .... a bit revealing this should probably do it.

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