Wednesday, May 22

Recovering... Tornadoes...

I'm back!

Yes, R and I braved the feisty streets of Manila so that we can see our family during our almost three weeks stay there (hopefully, I can blog about tidbits of our trip in another time).

We have just been here for about a week and a half. A lot of things have been happening around.

Taiwanese people being mad with the Pinoys (I am still in the dark about this news... I know Google is there but I am still trying to avoid knowing about it), Philippine elections happened and Senators were already proclaimed and now, on the other side of the universe, US is again facing a natural disaster.

Oklahoma is / has experiencing the tornadoes in their area. I have seen tweets about this and some even tried posting pictures of what is happening there now but this video clip from KSN TV caught my attention and I just had to post it...

(courtesy of Youtube)

I have not experienced tornadoes but watching the movie Twister and seeing this scene 

(photo courtesy of the

It did scared me! I don't think I'd ever want to see a cow flying in front of me!! So with this video and image, I hope that we all join hands and pray for Oklahoma. For them to be protected and shielded by God.