Tuesday, June 4

Writing Hoax?

For the longest time, I have been looking for possible ways to earn money via online writing stints.

I had some recommendations from friends on which online writing sites should I join (like oDesk and Elance) however from time to time, I have been receiving emails from promotional sites saying that I can earn BIG bucks by joining their website!!

Imagine that, BIG BUCKS! Who wouldn't want that right?

Of course, since I was already lured to this... I would immediately click on the site and would skim read what are their requirements.

On the initial page, they will have this page stating that there are no requirements needed to join their site just as long as you know how to write, they will take care of the rest. It encourages you to sign in and join the pool of writers!

The next page loads and there is the truth:-

Only for a minimal amount of .... $XXX.XX
This stuns me. There is a voice in my head to give it a try but I have been scammed before and it is hard when you try to spend hard earned money on someone or something that promises you with better earnings only to find out that you have been conned!

I just needed to let this out because I have again received this kind of scam message!! Grrr!!!

(photo courtesy of http://lessthanfat.blogspot.ae)

Breathe in.... Breathe out... (50x) 

I have just closed the site and I know I will eventually I will find another website or writing stint that will make me earn extra! :)