Saturday, August 24

Compliments... Praises...

I was doing my usual blog reading when I saw Carla's blogpost about Praise and Fidelity, the post was actually about married couples and how to accept praises or compliments from your partner.

R and I have been together for a few years now. We had our ups and downs but most importantly, we are still together.

In this time and age, a lot of factors can cause a strain in one's marriage - technology, temptation and more. If you don't have God as a center in your relationship, all of these can kill it.

In the blog, Carla talked about receiving compliments from your partner. I am privileged that my husband is not madamot when it comes to giving compliments. He loves giving one - a lot to be honest!

He compliments me when I cook dinner, arrange something in our room and more. This is also the reason why I want surprising him - cause he appreciates!

This was the surprise I did for him on his last Birthday :) Super happy thoughts here!
I, for one, is not into giving compliments cause I show it when I appreciate a gesture. I think I still have to learn how to put my actions to words though I think in which form do you feel most comfortable - it's okay just as long as you let your partner know that you appreciate what he does for the relationship.

I know also that when I am soooo tired from work, I tend neglect giving out my gestures... and would snap most of the time -- at him  :(

It's not good and for married couples reading this blog, DO NOT neglect your husbands... always remember that the time you step out of the office, is also the time that your responsibilities should stay there and focus on what your role is in the house - a wife and mom (if you have kids).

Again, thanks for sharing that post Carla and may God bless you and your family! :)