Sunday, August 4

Life in the Blogging World

I usually go through my blog every week (when I say "go through", I check who my audiences are, where do I get link back, my top posts, etc).

What I do notice whenever I check my blog is that I never have any comments in. From the time I have started this blog, I only have two comments - one from a friend and the other one from me (because I answered her query).

I am not sure if this is because most of my posts are personal and not a lot are into reading what I have to say or it could be because there is not a lot of substance?

Years back, blogging was all about personal things. Most of my friends saw this as a venue where they can vent out, tell a story about their relationships and more. After reading the posts, we would comment endlessly about it until we forgot what the topic was really all about. I wasn't sure if this was because we were all just starting out and everyone needed all the support you can have. Fresh out of college, the real world is sometimes not kind to newbies.

The blogging world was a friend - a network of friends for that matter. It can be someone you know or someone you just met through a friend or a total stranger.

I guess this platform was left behind due to a more advanced way of socialising - Facebook and Twitter.


It has kind of put blogging behind, same as what I did. I got myself busy with Facebook and Twitter too. It must be the hype but still it led me back to blogging.


After coming back, I noticed that blogging has transformed itself. From being personal, it became commercial. It has become an avenue for PR practitioners to use blogging in promoting their show, restaurants, etc.
Blogging has become the new "word of mouth" 
Instead of talking about it, they blog it with pictures as testimony to prove what they say. Again, bloggers decided also to group themselves - mommies together, blogging fashionistas and more.

Still, I am waiting for posts that have emotion on them. Sharing a piece of their life that is not due to a product or a restaurant experience but more of about them - what was their day like, what influenced them to write about it today.

I hope I see some of you behind your mask.