Saturday, August 24

I have lost my exercise mojos =(

If Dr. Evil froze his mojos, I seem to have lost my exercise mojos! :(

I was sooo into my game during the month of Ramadan. I was able to you know do it religiously for like at least 2 times a week and 3 times the most!

I was sweating and was also seeing the fruits of my labour. Apart from that, I was also able to watch what I eat. I started having salads at night and was not caving in to my cravings. Overall it was all good.

Then Eid came.

Imagine what the 3 days could do --- wreck you completely.

Now, I have not exercised for two weeks now. I have given in to sweet tooth cravings -- chocolate and all...

Since we are now back to the full day of work, it has been a battle to eat and not eat.

I don't think I am stress eating. Instead of eating, I take in fluids - like water :)

However, I know I have to be creative with my eating or else I will fall back into the trap of eating too much!! :p

I have to think... think... think...

Can you help me? ;)